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NWA/WWF Title Links

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NWA/WWF Title Links

Postby DaKrow52 » 2002/03/29 Fri 10:53 am

Hello everybody, I've been visting this site (which is one of the best wrestling sites on the web, in my opinion) for about a year and a half and just joined the forums. I just thought I'd like to jump into the discussion with a pretty cool idea.
As a die-hard WWF fan, I tend to take a lot of flak (and a good deal of it is rightfully deserved with some of the dumb stuff they do) and often hear "oh the NWA title is the REAL World's Championship and the WWF isn't". Well, if you think about it, the WWF Championships right now may be some of the most decorated in the World. When WCW broke off from the NWA, they took/purchased the righst to the US Heavyweight, US Tag, World tag-Team, World Television, and World Six-Man Tags (I think the only title that didn't come over was the NWA World). The US Tags and Six-Man were abandoned a short while later, But the US, TV, and Tags all became WCW championships with a direct lineage to their NWA form. Those titles were then absorbed into the WWF and unified with their WWF counterparts, as everyone knows. So if you think about, the WWF Tag Team Championships have a direct lineage to the WCW and NWA World Tag Titles, and so the WWF titles look something like this

WWF Tag-Team Title: unified with the WCW World tags, which gives them a direct lineage to the NWA World Tags

WWF Intercontinental Championship: unified with the WCW United States title, giving it a direct lineage to the NWA United States Title

WWF World Championship: unified with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which has an indirect lineage to the NWA World Heavyweight Title

If you think about it, that's A LOT of history and prestige right there. Another point is that while the WWF has no direct title links to the ECW Championships, an outside argument can be made that that they have a very faint/indirect connection with those titles (Rhyno was the last World Heavyweight/World Television Champion, and he came over to the WWF without ever losing them, and in the whole (botched) inVasion angle, ECW did "unite" (if in name only) with WCW, so in a wierd, twisted way, the major WWF Championships have lineage with three major promotion's titles as well as their own unique and storied history. I'm not saying the WWF is always right and rules everything, but next time someone thinks that the WWF titles are "crap", this could be something to consider; I feel their World Title truly is a WORLD title, and an honest comparison between their title and the current NWA World's Title is ridiculous; even major NWA websites aknowledge that (in an article about a fan complaining of the NWA tag champs wrestling dark matches for the WWF because they are the REAL World Tag champs) 'to say the WWf and NWA Titles are on the same level is absurd; everyone knows they are at the top of the game right now."
Just some food for thought, and happy to be here and make my first post (sorry if it was such a long one though;-)
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About carrying multiple belts for Unified Titles

Postby DaKrow52 » 2002/03/29 Fri 11:04 am

In an earlier thread, someone stated that the WWF Wrestlers should carry the WCW Titles around as well. I could not agree more. One thing I love about Puroresu is that when there is a Unified Title, the champion carries all of the belts with him, and passes them on subsequently. I think this is a very regal and honorable practice, and really wish North American wrestling would do stuff like this a little more. It gives the Champion/Title a nice rub, and really shows the history, lineage and importance of the championship. The belts "tell' such a fantastic story without ever saying a word; each one has their own "story", and then another chapter is added when they unify to form one championship. (Although I do feel the WWF Titles were the more prestigious ones, but still feel they should have kept the others on the air. And they also blew a great opportunity to unify permanently their Light Heavyweight Title with the WCW Cruiserweight; that would have made for great history as well. At least they kept the WCW Cruiserweight; it was obviously the more prestigious of the two, as the WWF has a TERRIBLE history with their Light Heavyweights. That's one thing WCW will always have over the WWF, the Cruiserweight Division.)
At the very least, there should be new "Unified" versions of the championship belts. One thing I REALLY hope the WWF continues to do is keep the "Big Gold" belt on TV alongside their belt; it still blows my mind every time I see it.
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Postby DaKrow52 » 2002/03/29 Fri 11:16 am

TJ Vermeer posted the idea of the WWF having a "Triple Crown" championshp with the Intercontinental, European, and WCW United States championships, and even though I am a DIEHARD Intercontinental Championship Mark (Steamboat/Savage...Wrestlemania III....its still burned into my mind...even though I was only seven, I knew I just witnessed something special), I think this an excellent idea.
Joe P.
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Postby Americancyco » 2002/03/29 Fri 8:35 pm

OK lets make a few things clear the NWA and WCW titles are not the same thing. Now everybody repeat it three tiems so it sinks in. WCW and NWA are not the same title.

Ok sorry if that came off rude, but I'm tired of people saying they are the same title.

THis is how it started, the WCW just started calling the NWA champion the WCW champion but they where two different titles. There was only one belt "Big Gold" but two different titles. The same is true about the tag titles.

Ric Flair quit and goes to WWF the NWA title becomes vacant and is never again united with the WCW title. When the NWA tag titles are brought back they are joined with the WCW tag titles but the NWA left WCW long before WWF bought WCW.

The NWA never owned the US titles or TV title these where Jim Crockett titles which became WCW titles. The NWA 6-Man titles where brought back (if I remember right) in NWA Jersey for a little while.

The NWA Heavyweight title, Tag Team titles and Junior heavyweight title (all world titles) are still around. A few years ago the NWA tag titles where defended on WWF they went from the Rock-n-Roll Express to the Headbangers to Bart Gunn & Bob Holly then onto other teams such as Bad Attitude, the R-n-R Express again and right now Destribing Behavior. The NWA heavyweight champion is Dan Severn who a second title.
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Postby Colin Douglas » 2002/04/04 Thu 9:03 pm

Thank you Americancyco. Finally someone else remembers that Flair left WCW in July and it was not until September that the NWA took the title off him.
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Colin Douglas
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