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nwa independant title

Including NWAssociation (formerly NBA), the current version of NWA founded by Pinkie George, and other previous versions of NWAlliance, such as Des Moines and Kansas. Topics on regional territories may be moved to more appopriate board.

nwa independant title

Postby phil » 2002/03/29 Fri 3:35 pm

I have a question for anybody about the NWA independant heavyweight title. I have read on two or three differant websites that there was such a title and that Sabu was the champion. In talking to the webmaster of another website he told me that there was a title but it was NOT recognized by the NWA. can anybody tell me who if anyone recognized this title and what the history was .
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Postby Hijo de Carlos » 2002/04/02 Tue 3:26 am

I have a hazy recollection of reading somewhere that Sabu briefly ran his own promotion, possibly in partnership with ECW ref John "Pee Wee" Moore and that this was the top title. I guess it must have been during one of the periods when he was out of ECW and it probably only lasted for one show....
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Hijo de Carlos
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Postby ZEKE » 2002/04/03 Wed 12:40 am

The story is:

In 1994, in one of the lowest points in the NWA's history, the organization was in dissaray because of WCW's withdrawl a year ago; it left the NWA with no President and no leadership in a board. Dennis Coraluzzo openly told people to use the NWA name bascially to get the name out there. Sabu ran a promotion briefly in Michigan (also ECW was sill in the NWA at the time) and he wanted what basically was a Intertim NWA world champion without actually interfering with the lineage. The result was an NWA independant world title, won by Sabu on 07/23/94 in Lincoln Park, MI, defeating Al Snow in the finals. Many people openly used the NWA name for the next couple of years, including Howard Brody, Beau James, Jim Crockett Jr, the USWA and Jim Cornette's SMW until there was an re-organizing of the NWA by Brody and Dennis C. in 1996. It wasnt long after the title was decided that ECW left the NWA and Sabu was back in ECW full time for their new beginnings as a hardcore promotion. The title (not sure if there ever was a belt or not) was abandonned.

The name independant was meant to mean "independant of the NWA world title" not an independant (indy feds) world title
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Postby phil » 2002/04/03 Wed 7:21 am

Thank you. You cleared up something that was very confusing to me.
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Yup,there WAS a belt...

Postby Tradition Rules » 2002/04/10 Wed 10:32 am resmbled the old "unified" world hvywt titles Jerry Lawler wore when he unified the AWA World hvywt and World Class titles.It DIDN'T have the initials NWA or the word independant on it,it just said "world heavyweight wrestling champion". It was made by Joe Marshall and was on his J-Mar belt web-site. He actually had two different pictures of Sabu with the belt on his site.

Tradition Rules
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