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Bill Robinson

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Bill Robinson

Postby lCS 39 » 2002/03/29 Fri 4:43 am

I'm hoping Hisa or someone else on this forum can enlighten me on Bill Robinson, I know he use to or still does train the UWF snakepit, but I'd just like to know his background as a pro-wrestler, his accomplishments and any other cool tidbits about him. thanks ahead of time.
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lCS 39
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Postby Peru-Yakuza » 2002/03/30 Sat 1:12 pm

Robinson, a trainee of Billy Riley's original Snake Pit in the UK, was one of the few men to achieve superstardom worldwide, in his home country (the UK), North America, Japan, and Australasia.

In UK he held these titles:
European Mid-Heavyweight title
European Heavyweight title
British Heavyweight title

In the US he held these:
AWA World tag team title
NWA US (Tri-State) tag title
AWA Southern tag team title
NWA Southern (Florida) heavyweight title
CWA (Tennessee) heavyweight title, 70's version
NWA North American (Hawaii) heavyweight title

In Canada he held:
Canadian Int'l heavyweight title (Quebec Grand Prix)
Canadian Int'l tag title
North American heavyweight title (Stampede)

In Japan he held:
IWA heavyweight title (Kokusai/IWE)
NWA United National title
PWF heavyweight title (All Japan)

And in Australia he held:
IWA heavyweight title

His last match in the US is thought to have taken place in the AWA in 1986. Aside from Kokusai and All-Japan, he also feuded with Inoki in New Japan but never won the NWF title from him.

Hope this helps
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Postby lCS 39 » 2002/03/31 Sun 1:06 am

Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated. :cool:
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lCS 39
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Postby CrimsonMask » 2002/04/12 Fri 3:45 am

Billy recently had knee replacement surgery and is recuperating in Arkansas. He would welcome both E-mail and snail mail:

Billy A. Robinson
11210 Hickory Hill Road
Little Rock, AR 72211

So long from the Sunshine State!
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Postby Colin Douglas » 2002/04/12 Fri 12:19 pm

I also believe he trained Sakuraba in the Catch style of wrestling.
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Colin Douglas
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Postby lCS 39 » 2002/05/17 Fri 7:06 pm

yeah this is why i asked the question since it's been said he has trained Sakuraba. it's funny though a lot of MMA guys on the MMA forums dispute Sakuraba's catch wrestling background oh well, to each there own i suppose.
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lCS 39
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