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Favorite/Least Favorite Belt Designs/Beltmarks

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Favorite/Least Favorite Belt Designs/Beltmarks

Postby DaKrow52 » 2002/04/01 Mon 12:19 pm

For being such an integral part of wrestling history, wrestling's championship belts often do not get "much play" (except for a couple of cool places on the 'net, like Yahoo! Groups, NWA Midwest, and here). Just wondering, what's everyone's favorite belt design(s) (past or present)?
My all-time absolute favorite is the WWF Intercontinental Title from 1985-1998 (the version Reggie Parks created, with the globe in the middle and the the "layered off" effect on the main plate, held my Steamboat, Savage, hart, Michales, Austin, and last held by The Rock). When I began to watch and really understand wrestling, this was THE BELT everyone was fighting for (up here, we mainly got WWF, so that's mainly what I watched, and I loved Hogan, but he only defended the World Title a couple of times a year, so the Intercontinental Championship was the only singles title that was contested on a frequent basis). It's the title/belt that made/broke so many careers and was/is such an integral part of the WWF's storytelling that I just grew to love it. I recently saved up the cash to purchase a replica of this title from Reggie Parks, and believe me, it is just one awesome piece of art. It's design is simple yet stunning, and there's just that mistique about it (just thinkin about the classic matches for that title and the men who've held it) that will always capture my attention.
The WWF World Title (from 1988-1998, held by Randy Savage, Flair, Hogan, Hart, Michales, and last held by Austin) is right below the IC in terms of my "belt markdom". When my cousins and I (we watched WM 4 in my cousin Marc's living room) first saw that belt at Wrestlemania IV, we were all "jaws wide open silent" for a good minute or so. Its just such a stunning, detailed piece of work, and everyone basically knows the history behind this belt. Its just an awesome belt.
Rounding out the rest of my "Top 10" (in no particular order) would be the "Big Gold" (NWA, WCW World title, "The Flair Belt), The new version of the WWF World Title (I like the previous version better, but it is a really nice belt), and a three-way tie between Stone Cold Steve Austin's custom "Smoking Skull' World Heavyweight Title (he used it on WWF TV during 1998-1999; the post Wrestlemania XV angle was based off this belt), which in my opinion is the best-looking "new age" belt out there (and one of the nicest I've ever seen period), the ECW (1999-2001) World Television Title (a Joe Marshall belt, and just a sharp-looking title), the WWF European Title (I'm a sucker for flags on a belt, and this is just another cool-looking title), the NWA US Tag belts (the best-looking Tag belts out there, IMO), The NWA World TV title (one of the only Chrome/silver belts I like, and its also a classic), and the WWF World Tags (another classic design).
Honorable mentions also go to the NWA (and WCW) United States titles, Kendo Kashin's custom IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title (another cool custom belt), the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight (the Hector Gurerro version used in the late 80's; the best-looking Jr. Heavy title IMO), the WWF Light Heavyweight (not many people like it, but I am a fan of the simple design), and for historical purposes, the NWA "Domed Globe" World Title (Race, Funk, Flair).
And just as an aside, there are a few titles which I think were/are rather fugly, and here they are:

-The new-design WWF Intercontinental Belt (the older version is INFINITELY better, IMO)
-The WCW Hardcore Title
-The short-lived WCW Cruiserweight Tag Titles
-The 1997 version of the WCW Tag Titles (the version without the eagle on them; the "Outsiders" version)
-The current NWA North American Title

Anyone else have some thoughts here?

Joe P.
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Here is my extremely nerdy belt mark response...

Postby Tradition Rules » 2002/04/01 Mon 7:57 pm

Repeat the title goes;

I'm an "NWA mark" But I really like the WWF Hvywt belt fron '86/'87 when Hogan defended the belt at WM2 & WM3.The nice LARGE OVAL GLOBE on the belt just says "most imortant" or"number one title". I also like the NWA Tag Team Belts when the Steiners,Freebirds,& DOOM were champions.Yes I know,they are very similar to the WWF singles title,but thats why I do like them,...similar but not identical.The old "unified' belt Jerry Lawler wore I always thought would be great for a Jr Hvy belt.I do like the old I.C. belt as well.The nice round globe in the middle of the belt says "not number one,but almost".I always liked the old "eagle" WWF belt,but the design I always felt said Interantional Champ,not quite world champ.'

Other cool belt designs are the old U.S./Central States hvywt belts,the WWC Carrabean hvywt belt,the Florida Tag Team belts(very similar ro the Carrabean belt),the World Class Tag Team Belts.and like yourself,the old NWA Jr hvywt belt(Guerrero) abd the old GWF Lt Hvywt belt and the older NWA Noth American belt that Jeff Jarret won by beating Barry Windham on RAW a few years ago.Some older belts I've always liked are the old Mid-South North AmericanHvywt belt,and the older WWF belts(hvywt belt held by Billy Graham,tag team belts by Martel /Garea on their first title reign) and the OLD WWF JR Hvywt and Lightheavyweight belts, not the newer lightheavyweight belt.

Actuall the new Lt hvywt belt is okay,I just think it would have been more attractive if the top of the belt was shaped/contured like the bottom of the belt...not just going flat like it does.

Well,I told you it was a nerdy response!

Tradition Rules
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Postby Luds » 2002/04/02 Tue 1:48 pm

Well, I always liked the WCW US title, the old IC title (prior to 98) and especially the WCW World Heavyweight title.
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Postby samoth » 2002/04/03 Wed 10:10 am

The new IC belt is really stupid looking, and I think they could also use updated tag titles.
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Ugly belts

Postby Hijo de Carlos » 2002/04/03 Wed 10:25 am

There have been some pretty ugly belts in indy promotions down the years. The lamest must be the ones where the front plate is just a flat square piece of beaten steel with some half-assed engraving on it....
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Hijo de Carlos
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Postby OldSchoolFan » 2002/04/03 Wed 5:40 pm

I'd have to say my favorite belt would have to be ECW's Heavyweight strap (Douglas, Taz, Awesome, Tanaka, Credible, Dreamer,Corino, Sandman, Rhino), Then probobly the WWF world title circa 88-98. I just've always liked it for some reason.
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Postby Ganso » 2002/04/03 Wed 6:05 pm

Im a sucker for the old NWA World Title the one that was held by Baba, Flair, Funk, Rhodes and Race etc. I really liked that belt.
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Postby Luds » 2002/04/04 Thu 8:19 am

Why is the new IC title held by RVD so UGLY? It looks like crap compared to the old IC title and the US title...
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Postby samoth » 2002/04/04 Thu 10:37 am

When Austin got Angle's medals back out of the Detroit River, he should have picked up the old IC title while he was there.
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Postby Luds » 2002/04/04 Thu 6:18 pm

Well, I'd rather job to test than have the stupid looking title like the IC... What am I saying!

Ok Ok, I'd keep the title... Test sux!
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Postby Mojo » 2002/04/04 Thu 6:25 pm

I always liked the WCW US Belt, and the WCW World Title Belt. One that I didn't really care for was the WWF Lt. Hvy belt...I don't know why but it didn't work for me. And yeah the old IC belt was great. Most of the newer belts have blue or red on them and it doesn't look that great.
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Postby Colin Douglas » 2002/04/04 Thu 9:48 pm

The AWA title Bockwinkel had in the 80's stunk.
I also preferred when only the top titles were gold and the secondary titles like the US Title or the TV Title were silver. It gave the world title a look of "I'm the best.....your not!"
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Colin Douglas
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Postby ThePrinceofOldSchool » 2002/04/05 Fri 11:22 pm

I am a total sucker for the NWA like some of you, the NWA domed Globe is my all-time fav as well as the late 80's NWA World Jr. title and current NWA North American Title
Non NWA Belts would be European title cuz it resemble the domed globe shape, the early 90's WCW tag titles and ECW TV Title
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Postby edgehead1984 » 2004/03/24 Wed 1:52 pm

I like the old WWF belt, the New US title is pretty good, cept when big show had. The old IC belt was pretty cool as well, but the best is Big Goldy, why oh why did they have to retire it???
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Postby Peru-Yakuza » 2004/03/26 Fri 2:07 pm

My favorites:
WCW U. S. title
NWA U. S. title (JCP 86-90 version)
NWA TV title (JCP version to 92)
IWGP Jr. Hvy and Jr. Tag belts today
NWA Globe Dome World belts (they also had them for Jr. Hvy in Japan, for Lt. Hvy, Middle. and Welter. in Mexico; the Jr. Hvy in the J-Crown was way cool)
NWA Int'l Lt. Tag belts in Zero-One
WAR Int'l Jr. Hvy and Jr. Tag
NWA Int'l Hvy/Int'l Jr. Hvy/AJPW Jr. Hvy (they have the same "eagle" design)
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