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Postby Bull Nakano #1 fan » 2004/01/01 Thu 3:35 pm

Is anyone here has news of Cannonball, one of the greatest pro wrestler in France ?
What you have to know about Nakano : <br> <br>-Birthday : January, 8th 1968 <br>-She is very cute <br>-She's my idol <br><b> <br>What a lot here want to know about her : <br>-She is now slimmer and is a professionnal golfer (it is such an unpredictable turn !)</b>
Bull Nakano #1 fan
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Postby The Franceman » 2004/01/01 Thu 5:24 pm

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>
I search any informations (olds or news) in Wrestling in France or Europe.
The Franceman
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