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Has Anyone heard of Ricky Star

Post-1990 topics should be posted under "Everything else".

Postby Jeremy Goss » 2003/07/27 Sun 12:25 am

I think you're thinkign of Chikki Star, the manager of Abdullah the Butcher. I could be wrong though.
Jeremy Goss
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Postby Adams86 » 2003/12/10 Wed 12:36 pm

know who you are talking about, but no as far as the info goes.
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Postby amphibious » 2003/12/11 Thu 11:02 am

How strange... I was just watching Mister Ed. In Episode 41, "The Wrestler," he played... a wrestler! Basically, what happened was he really liked to eat, then got fat, and to lose weight started doing ballet with Wilbur's wife. When he got in the ring he was prancing around, sort of a Gorgeous George sort of thing.

Anyway, I think you may have your dates off though, since the episode aired in 1962 and he looked pretty young (30 at the very most), and he also didn't look Puerto Rican, although he certainly could have wrestled there.

The didn't show much wrestling action, just some basic moves... but this guy was really good at ballet. :)
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ricky star...

Postby nmalnik » 2003/12/28 Sun 11:47 am

[QUOTE=HBKworldchamp4]Has anyone ever heard of a wrestler called ricky star. he was a wrestler in puerto rico a long time ago, i was wondering if anyone knew where to get information about him.[/QUOTE]

Yes, please e-mail me directly and i will let you know what/where he is now, etc... My husband and Ricky, aka Herman, were great friends since childhood.
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