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Hashimoto title defences

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Hashimoto title defences

Postby benny4real » 2002/03/15 Fri 10:38 am

how often has Hshimoto defended the NWA World Heavyweight Title and does anyone have any results

Thanks for any help
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Postby phil » 2002/03/15 Fri 2:47 pm

I think the only title defense he had was the match in Japan were he lost the title to Dan Severn.
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Postby Americancyco » 2002/03/15 Fri 8:25 pm

I know he defended it the follwoing night in another iron man style match before going back to Japan. I think he also defended against Severn in the states.
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Postby Tradewynd » 2002/03/16 Sat 8:49 pm

As far as I know, he defended it in a 4 way match the night after winning it against Corino, Severn and Steele, cancelled his defense against Severn in the US because the NWA wanted him to do the job and then lost to Severn in Zero-One. Maybe this is the NWA's way of telling Hashimoto to get some Slim Fast...
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Hashimoto help

Postby benny4real » 2002/03/17 Sun 10:03 am

Thanks for the help

I have the results of a Jan 6 Zero-One card having Hashimoto defending the title Against Nathan Jones
any confermation would help

Thanks for the matches it's much apreciated
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