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When did Jumbo Tsuruta become the top star in All Japan?

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When did Jumbo Tsuruta become the top star in All Japan?

Postby misawarules » 2003/12/03 Wed 9:08 pm

I'd like to hear your opinion on when Jumbo Tsuruta became the top star in All Japan. I'm not talking about when he became the top worker, as he was arguably the best worker since his All Japan debut in October 1973. At least, he was always a better worker than Giant Baba. But when did Tsuruta become the top star in All Japan? That's what I'd like to find out.
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Postby Peru-Yakuza » 2003/12/04 Thu 12:05 am

In 1983 when he won the NWA International title. Then, Baba kept his PWF title, but began downgrading himself slightly in order to push Tenryu to the NWA UN title Tsuruta had left behind.
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