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carribean Tag Team Titles

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carribean Tag Team Titles

Postby phil » 2003/07/15 Tue 12:01 am

I am looking for the History to the WWC Carribean tag team titles before 1987. I've looked in Will and Duncan's book and didn't see anything. Anyone no where I can find this info. I'm willing to exchange information in return for help. They were known as the NWA titles before and I think the L&G carribbean tag titles before then.

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Postby Dan Poutsma » 2003/07/15 Tue 8:52 pm

I would have to assume that the "NWA" and L&G championships were titles that belonged to the Tampa office. Before they changed their name to Championship Wrestling from Florida, Inc., they were known as L&G Promotions, Inc., and before that, L&G Development Co., Inc. (L&G I presume standing for Luttrall & Graham/ Gossett). I believe they used to promote shows every now and then over there before Capital Sports (Jovica and Colon) started up in the early 70s.
Dan Poutsma
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Postby phil » 2003/07/16 Wed 7:30 pm

When I made the original post I knew that at one point I had the information I was looking for but thought it was on my computer before my hard disk got erased. So I started looking through my notes and found it. So here it is

Black Gergie & Victor Lebron 7-77
Beastia Calumbia & Geto Montes 8/29/77 Caguas, PR
Castillo Brothers
Bret Hart & Smith Hart 1978
The Dalton Brothers 4/15/78
-Billed as champions on arrival
Victor Rivera & Don Serano 5/13/78 Bayonne, PR
The MOngolians 7/8/78
-Billed as champions on Arrival
Rocky Johnson & Don Serano 8/78
-Billed as champions on arrival
Jack & Jerry Brisco 12/78
-Billed as champions
Chicky Starr & Angello Rivera 6/79
-Billed as champions
Kengo Arakawa & Kengo Kimura 9/29/79
-Billed as champions
Fabulous Kangaroos (Don Kent & Bruno Bekkar) 12/81
Invader & Super Gladiator 1982
Moondogs (Rex & Spot) 5/82 San Juan, PR
Buddy Landell & Terry Gibbs 5/83
-Titles Vacant

from wha I remember everything else should be accurate with the samoans being the next champions in 87.


The above info. was not compiled by me. I am not sure who did though.
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2003/07/26 Sat 10:32 am

The latest (4th) edition of Wrestling Title Histories only lists the history after 87 for some reason. In fact the edition is missing a lot of info from the 3rd edition, and luckily, I kept the 3rd edition. Anyway, I updated the listing. Please click <a href='' target='_blank'>here</a>.
Hisaharu Tanabe
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