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Postby Ganso » 2002/02/19 Tue 4:35 pm

Tiger Mask II (misawa) vs. Jumbo Tsuruta- March 9th 1988
Tiger Mask (Sayama) vs. Dynamite Kid 1981-1983
Tiger Mask vs. The Cobra
Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Stan Hansen- International Heavy, United Heavy and PWF Heavy title unification match.
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2002/02/19 Tue 5:21 pm

Originally posted by Ganso
Tiger Mask vs. The Cobra

Did this ever happaned in the 80s?

Some additions. I don't remember the dates for particular good matches, but most of these matchups are good.

Inoki vs. Fujinami
Fujinami vs. Choshu (83/04/03 and others)
Kengo Kimura vs. Fujinami (80)
Tsuruta vs. Brody
Tsuruta vs. Bockwinkel
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