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Roland Bock

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Roland Bock

Postby Mantis X » 2002/11/14 Thu 2:48 pm

Does anyone here know the story on Roland Bock.

What was he, I know he was an Inoki project.

But was he a wrestler or Judoka or what?..

Did he wrestle in the U.S. at all?

What happened to him ?
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Mantis X
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2002/11/14 Thu 5:28 pm

Born in 1944, West Germany. 192cm - 120kg (in early 80s)

Roland Bock, known as "undertaker" because of his look, was a top pro-wrestler in West Germany and had a strong reputation as a true shooter. Also famous for "no-sell." He held <a href='' target='_blank'>the world heavyweight title</a> in late 70s. He threw Andre with double-arm suplex (Billy Robinson's famous move). I also heard that Bock actually did shoot on Mil Mascaras. He outwrestled Inoki in the final match of Inoki's European tour in the late 70s, which shocked the fans in Japan who watched it on TV.

He had a big injury in a car accident in early 80s(or late 70s?), and he was never the same. So, his first Japanese appearance in the early 80s was a huge disappointment.

I'm not sure if he ever wrestled professionally in the US. I doubt it, though. New Japan actually mentioned a plan to have him wrestle against Backlund at the Madson Square Garden with the winner advancing to the (1st) IWGP tournament, but it didn't happen.

Since his reputation was more of a non-selling shooter like Karl Gotch, he probably wouldn't have made it in the US anyway.
Hisaharu Tanabe
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Postby terrier mask » 2002/11/29 Fri 10:02 pm

Great info there hisa, i have wondered about this roland Bock dude myself. Do you know what feds he has fought in, and what specific tapes to get of him, i am kinda interested to see some of his stuff. I know that highspots might have soething, but can ya tell me what feds and stuff? thanx Hisa, if ya could that is.
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terrier mask
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Roland Bock

Postby KHMMedia » 2004/12/31 Fri 4:31 pm

Hey, please find more information on Roland Bock by his son's (same named Roland Bock) chairman Andreas Leotta at South Germany's Rockfabrik Augsburg: \[\]\[/EMAIL\].

You also can get in touch with "Hasche" or "Otto" from Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg (<a href='' target='_blank'></a>, look for impressum). They still are in contact with sen. Roland Bock who left Germany for Asia (Thailand??) in the mid-80s.

Hofefully I could help you so far, a great and healthy new year to you and your family.

Alexander Sinclair :wallbang:
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Postby terrier mask » 2004/12/31 Fri 5:33 pm

Thanks alot buddy. I appreciate the info. Only took two and a half years! Naw, only kidding with yah! Happy holidays.
You love me, you love me not, but you definately respect me!!!!
terrier mask
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