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Leo Demetral

Leo Demetral

Postby alanbamber » 2005/01/01 Sat 7:29 am

On 23rd February, 1940, Leo Demetral unsuccessfully challenged George Pencheff for the Australian Heavyweight title in Albury. In 1955 a wrestler of the same name wrestled in England. Does anyone know if they were the same person? Does anyone have any information about him?
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Re Leo Demetral

Postby Arsenal » 2005/01/24 Mon 8:41 pm

Leo Demetral ran a coffee bar in Camden Town, North West London in the late 50's early 60's.

I worked for him and listened to him talking about his wrestling days. I seem to remember his hero was Jim Londes an American wrestler I believe.

The coffee bar was actually owned by Paul Lincoln, who I think wrestled in the UK under the name of Dr Death.

On Sunday afternoons many wrestlers, working for the biggest promoter at the time Dale Martin, met at the coffee bar. These include Zoltan Bocsik, Steve Vidor, Peter Rann, George Kidd.

I am sure Leo wrestled in the uk prior to taking over the coffee bar. I also think he wrestled in the States.

Hope the above is of some help

Brian Pearce
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Postby alanbamber » 2005/01/28 Fri 7:28 pm

Thanks Brian.

Paul Lincoln was the original (of many) Dr Deaths. He was also a major independent promoter challenger to the Joint Promotions syndicate before being taken over at the end of the sixties.
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