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YouTube: History of Puroresu

I don't know the author of these great videos. Whoever made these really knows the history of puroresu. They actually brought some tears to my eyes. I will stick this thread.

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new BBCode tag: YouTube

I've finally added a BBCode tag for YouTube.

If you want to embed a video from:

Code: Select all

You can add the following code:

Code: Select all

That will show:

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NWA, WCW, and RAW World Heavyweight Titles

Just trying to organize something.

Since there are multiple threads for the relationship between NWA, WCW, and RAW world heavyweight titles, let's just discuss about it on this thread rather than posting on more than one threads.

These are the related threads. Some of them will be closed, and the replies should be posted on this thread.
Most Important title today
RAW's championship, a new championship!

Let me also repeat posting ...
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This is NOT a thread starter. Rather, this is the answer to a FAQ. WCW World heavyweight title and NWA world heavyweight title are NOT the same title. Unfortunately, both WCW and WWF have been confusing the fans that those were actually same title. I copied this from this thread on another message board and made some corrections. Please use this for your reference.

1] The National Wrestling Alliance is formed in 1948. It ...
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