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Stan Hansen writes testimony

I don't really wanna discuss religions on this forum, but I believe this is not to start thread/discussion. Just an info for an additional content on this website. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen wrote a testimony of faith in Christ for my website.

Click <a href='' target='_blank'>here</a> to read.
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Match Recomendations

I'm looking to eventually pick up some older puroresu and I was wondering what would be some recomended matches from the late 70s to the late 80s that would be worth picking up. I've got Maeda vs. Fujinami from '86 and some Jumbo/Tenryu stuff on my list, but not much else. Thanks in advane.
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Fujinami vs. Choshu feud from the 80s

Copied from <a href='' target='_blank'>an old thread</a> in

Originally posted by Eric Walls:
I have been reading/researching stuff on puroresu and this fued keeps coming up.

Can someone explain the fued to me? Who was involved? What were they fueding over? Exactly how did it change the face of puroresu?

You gotta understand some of Japanese culture to understand the feud.

In Japan, politics and seniority is usually more important than skill and knowledge. ...
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WWF Women's Tag Team title

Does anyone know of an accurate account of the WWF Women's title history?
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NWA Membership Roster: 1976-77

Posted on NWA Official Forum.

All Japan Pro Wrestling, Inc.

Arena Mexico, S.A. (EMLL)

Capitol Wrestling Corporation (V.J. McMahon, WWWF)

Championship Wrestling from Florida, Inc.

Jim Crockett Promotions, Inc. (Mid-Atlantic)

Eastern Sports Association, Ltd. (New Brunswick)

Farhat Enterprises, Inc. (Detroit)

Foothills Athletic Club, Ltd. (Stu Hart, Calgary)

Fundamentals, Inc. (Mike London, New Mexico)

Georgia Championship Wrestling, Inc.

Gulas-Welch Wrestling Enterprises, Inc. (Tennessee)

Gulf Coast Wrestling (Lee Fields, Mobile)

Heart of America Sports Attractions, Inc. (Central ...
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NWA Membership Roster: 1985-86

Originally posted this on the Wrestling Classics.


Bob Geigel - President
Fred Ward - 1st Vice President
Shohei Baba - 2nd Vice President

Board of Directors:

Jim Crockett, Jr.
Dory Funk, Jr.
Mike Graham
Victor Jovica
Don Owen
Ron Fuller
Fred Ward

(Shohei Baba)
Bookers: Dory and Terry Funk

(Victor Jovica and Carlos Colon)
Bookers: Victor Quinones and Jose Gonzalez

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British titles?

So, FWA is the biggest in UK right now. I hear that the long-lived All-Star Promotions started recognizing FWA's Bristish Heavyweight title. However, according to <a href='' target='_blank'>this site</a>, a group called "The Wrestling Alliance" is claiming the lineage of old All-Star titles.

Anybody can explain this confusion in detail?
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Title Changes That Didn't Happen


I am looking for title changes that were overturned or ignored.

for example

1] Hulk Hogan won the AWA World Heavyweight Title from Nick Bockwinkle and the decision was overturned because he threw Bockwinkle over the top rope during the match.

2] Chris Jericho wins the WWF World Heavyweight Title from Triple H but Triple H complains about a fast count and forces referee Earl Hebner to return the title to him.

3] Chris ...
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AAA main title?

Does anyone know which title is currently AAA's main title? I thought it was the IWC title, but now I'm hearing it's the UWA tite...

Thanks, TJ
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Great Kabuki

I am having a hard time trying to find information about the Great Kabuki.....can anyone help?
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