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AAA main title?

Does anyone know which title is currently AAA's main title? I thought it was the IWC title, but now I'm hearing it's the UWA tite...

Thanks, TJ
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Great Kabuki

I am having a hard time trying to find information about the Great Kabuki.....can anyone help?
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How many Feds were around in the 70's and 80's

Just wondering what puro feds were around in the 70's and 80's. I am trying to get into some classic stuff, but I 'm not sure where to start.
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This is NOT a thread starter. Rather, this is the answer to a FAQ. WCW World heavyweight title and NWA world heavyweight title are NOT the same title. Unfortunately, both WCW and WWF have been confusing the fans that those were actually same title. I copied this from this thread on another message board and made some corrections. Please use this for your reference.

1] The National Wrestling Alliance is formed in 1948. It ...
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History section updated!

I added several things to the puroresu history section:

  • More historical events between the Year 2000 and now
  • List of the Puroresu Award winners from its first ceremony back in 1974 to 2001
  • Top 20 wrestlers of the 20th century as voted by Nikkan Sports readers
  • Top 20 historical events of the 20th century as voted by Nikkan Sports readers

Click "History of Puroresu" from the menu on the left to view these new ...
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CRMW Title Histories

I'm Hoping somebody will be able to help me out I am looking for title histories on Canadian Rocky Mountian Wrestling. I believe it ran in the early to mid 90's in Aloberta Canada. I am very willing to trade info. if someone can help me out.
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Central States Titles

Does anybody no if Shawn Michaels ever held the NWA Central States TV. title or was this another Central States TV. Title that he held.
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Purpose of this board

Please limit the topics on this board to the championship histories of pro-wrestling.

Thank you.
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The Big 3's Titles

I think the WWF should revive the ECW World Title and unify it with the WWF and WCW World Titles and have an American version of the Triple Crown....or maybe I'm wrong on this one
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WWF Tag Team title

The current champs Taz(z) and Spike Dudley defend against former champions the Dudley Boys tonight at the Rumble. The Dudley Boys are pretty stale and have really no credible teams to wrestle at the moment, so I see Spike and Taz as a good enough combination as they at least have some back history with the Dudleys. However, where the titles go after tonight is anyone's guess, but my money would be on Spike and ...
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