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NWA Australian titles?

Are the Australian (not the Australiasian) titles listed in the Australian section NWA?

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Hiro Matsuda

Just trying to find some information about him. Like when did he wrestle and what his style was like. What titles did he hold and did he have any good rivals with anybody? What promotions did he wrestle for? Also is there any good sites where I can find pics of him?
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Giant Baba

Has anyone seen any of Giant Baba's old matches? Everywhere I turn peopel tell me he was one of the greatest workers of all time but I've only seen some of his later comedy matches. Does anyone know a good place to look to see some of what Baba was in his prime?
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British Title Update

Sweet Saraya is currently being recognized as the undisputed British Women's Champion, as she currently holds the three major women's titles in the UK...TWA, All-Star,and WAW

The UK Pitbulls I believe are also close to being British Tag Champs, as they hold the FWA, WAW, AIWF, K-Star, Brawl and PWA Tag Team Titles
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Burning Question abotu title history

I have a question that has been burning inside my head a while...

After Brian Pillman's untimely death, a writer for TV guide attacked the WWF. To respond to that, the WWF used the world's biggest loudspeaker, Jim Cornette, to respond. In his beautifully mastered tirade Cornette started tracing back the title history of wrestling and made a startling link to Abraham Lincoln. Can anyone verify this or point me in a direction to verify ...
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Roll Call of NWA Members: 1979 Annual Meeting

Meeting held August 3rd & 4th, 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit goes to

Members in Attendance:

All Japan Pro Wrestling Co., LTD.
Shohei Baba
Dory Funk, Jr.
Joe Higuchi

Arena Mexico, S.A.
Salvador Lutteroth, Jr.
Salvador Lutteroth, III

Capitol Wrestling Corp.
Vincent McMahon
Robert J. Marella
Vincent McMahon, Jr.

Catch Schober (Hannover, Germany)
Edmund Schober

Championship Wrestling from Florida, INC.
Duke Keomuka
Mike Graham
Dusty Rhodes

Jim Crockett Promotions, INC.
Jim Crockett, Jr. ...

New Zealand Title

Was wondering if the New Zealand Title was an N.W.A. Title. I know Steve Rickard held membership there. Did he control this title?
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Times of Title matches

I was wondering if anyone could help me (direct me to a good website maybe). I am trying to track down the times of match where the title changed. I know this will be verey hard to do for older title changes, but it seems that people don't even bother to list the times of matches on modern PPVs anymore.

I know the time of the match still means something in Japan and I figured ...
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Bobby Managoff (1916 - 2002)

Former National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight champion Bobby Managoff passed away on April 3rd. He was the world champ during the WWII when many wrestlers were not available.

Lou Thesz's famous 936 consecutive win record started on the day after he lost to Managoff in Buffalo on 1948/06/11.

Managoff was indeed the living history of pro-wrestling.

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Bruiser Brody

Can anyone tell me what was the reason for his death? Recently, I heard that he was murdered. I always thought that he committed suicide.
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