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Inoki vs. Matsuda

Can anybody tell me how good this match was? I can't remember when it took place. Who won the match and how did it end?
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3/26/1986 UWF vs NJPW

I saw a video clip of a 5 on 5 match between NJPW and UWF. It looked to be strictly heavyweights only with NJPW's top heavies taking on the UWF's. Yamazaki is in it, he looks very young - long red tights, short hair, no goatee. I think the date on which it took place was 3/26/1986. Has anyone seen this match? If so, was it good, great, incredible, awful, terrible?

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NWA National Title

OK whats the story with this one.

Hashimoto defeats Shawn Hernandez on 5-23 on a zero-one card in 4:43 in Tokyo, Japan.

That seesm to be the only clear part. In Japan they are announcing it as a title change with Hashimoto becoming the 48th champion. Stories also have Hashimoto claiming he doesn't want that worthless title he wants the NWA title.

Now it is also being reported that the title was not on the ...
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Colorado Boxing Commission

Does anyone have the Colorado Boxing Commission Wrestling World Heavyweight Title History

Even Single title Changes will help I have some that I've found mentioned on various title histories on this site but not enough to make a lineage

Please help I'm desperate

Thanks for the help:)
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Raven 22x Hardcore champion

Ok I'm lost last night during Heat Coach kept calling Raven a 22 time Hardcore champion. As far as I know he's only a 18x time hardcore champion.

What's going on here?
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tag team name

i know that Doc and Gordy formed one of the greatest tag teams in the world. I know they had a name but I can't remember it. Can someone tell me what it is and why they were called that?

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Japan Pro (Nihon Puroresu) Question

In 1984 (I think) Riki Choshu left New Japan and took his Ishigun with him, forming a new promotion called Japan Pro Wrestlig, which later had a relationship with All Japan.

Does anybody have or know the location of its logo online?

Even if it's a scaned image from a book, I'd really be interested i having it: my e-mail is \\

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Question about Inoki

This is somewhat off topic, but it does deal with Inoki :rolleyes:

Anyways, I know that Inoki was in Bad News Bears 3. Acting as himself and losing to a bunch of bratty kids, so I've been wondering, why the hell did Inoki do this crap? Just to get over in North America? Was a fan of the series? Or did he just do it for ...
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"Faith" section added

Since I got some testimonies and interviews by Christian pro-wrestlers, I decided to add "Faith" section. You can go there by clicking the menu on the left. The URL is:
<a href='' target='_blank'></a>
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NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title confusion

I posted this on in reply to a question about the title, so I decided to post here for your info as well:

I don't know when McGuirk actually retired, but his promotion closed in '82. He controlled the title throughout the 50s-70s at least until '80 (could be '82 when his promotion closed).

Nelson Royal was awarded the title on 79/07/28 when the champion Al Madril was too ill for the match. However, ...
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