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RIP - Mad Dog Vachon

SLAM! Sports reports that Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon passed away this morning at the age of 84.

Vachon won numerous titles during his career, including AWA World Heavyweight and Tag Team titles as well as many other regional championships.

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The Records of NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches?

More a request then a question but could someone continue to recored the record of NWA World Heavyweight Championship matches in 2013. there has been some great defenses this year with Rob Conway takeing on big names.

Henry Deglane (Munich Results 1925)

Henry Deglane (Munich Results 1925)

Munich - World Championship Tournament (16.05.-30.06.1925)
Management: Franz van der Born; IRV (Berlin)
- greco-roman style

Results of Deglane's Matches:

Henry Deglane def. Paul Opitz

Henry Deglane def. Servanne Christensen

Henry Deglane drew Oskar Schneider

Henry Deglane def. Franz Kochanski

Oskar Schneider def. Henry Deglane

Henry Deglane drew Josef Kunst

Henry Deglane drew Thomas Bartkowiak

Josef Kunst def. Henry Deglane

Thomas ...
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Primo Carnera in Germany

In the 1950s former Boxing Superstar and professional wrestler Primo Carnera came to germany.

17.09.1951 - Berlin
Primo Carnera drew Hans Schwarz Jr.

20.09.1951 - Berlin
Primo Carnera NC Kurt Zehe

18.09.1957 - Berlin
Primo Carnera def. Felix Miquet

19.09.1957 - Berlin
Primo Carnera def. Conrad "Conny" Fey

20.09.1957 - Berlin
Primo Carnera def. Richard Grupe

Grupe was a former boxer and turned to wrestling in the early 1950s.

Wrestling Debut of Primo Carnera:
Carnera ...
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Carl Abs - Record

Carl Abs – Record

* 12.09.1851 in Groß Godems near Parchim, Germany
+ 18.02.1895 in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst

- greatest german wrestler of the 19th century
- german wrestling pioneer
- 1879: relocated to Hamburg (said to be a member of the first german athletic club founded on 30.11.1879 in Hamburg)
- 1880/81: first appearances in vaudeville and circus as force acrobat
- 1882: wrestling debut in Hamburg (greco-roman Style)
- trained by Jean Doublier in Paris ...
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Merry Christmas from CWA!

Probably not a song about Christmas, but sounds like a happy song, right?
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WCW Hardcore Championship

According to Wikipedia, Meng awarded The Barbarian the WCW Hardcore Title on his last WCW match (before returning to the WWE via the Royal Rumble): ... _Champions
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NWA title controversies over the years wrote:For probably the third or fourth time in the last month, I'm already working on an article for PWInsider when something newsworthy happens that's directly related to the subject I'm writing about. This time, I'm midway through writing an article about controversies surrounding NWA World Title changes when Adam Pearce vacates the title following the end of his best of seven series with Colt Cabana. A week later, Kahagas is crowned the new champion in ...
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RIP - Brad Armstrong (1961 - 2012)

SLAM! Wrestling wrote:Brad Armstrong has died at the age of 51. He was a southern star for many years, the son of the famed "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, and came to greater recognition through World Championship Wrestling in the late 1980s early 1990s.

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World Heavyweight Title is vacant...again

After the last match of the "7 Levels of Hate":

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