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RIP - clawmaster

I was away for the weekend and just got back. The first thing I read on the internet was a shocking news.

As many of you probably know by now, Jim "clawmaster" Zordiani passed away on late Friday evening or early Saturday.

SLAM! Wrestling article

I can't find words to describe how thankful I am for his contributions to not only my websites but also researches and preservation of the history of pro-wrestling in general. ...
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Texas All-Star USA junior heavyweight title 85-86


Was wondering if someone has the title lineage for the USA Jr Title, that was held by Ric McCord, Dale Veasey, and Al Gavigan, during the summer of 85 into 1986.

I no longer have my wrestling title history book, and can't remember the dates of the title changes.


India & Pakistan

To be honest, I haven't been able to find much information on these countries in terms of championships, but I added a section anyway. Click here.
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World Light Heavyweight Title (New England)

I never knew there was a lineage prior to the match where George Becker defeated Steve Passas in 1939/01/20 in Bridgeport. In fact, Passas was a multiple-time champion throughout the 1930s.

Looks like this title was recognized by the New England promoters who were not associated with Pau Bowser.

Click here for the title history.

Irish Whip Wrestling Whiplash TV Question

Anyone know where I can find results for the episodes that aired?

Thank you very much in advance.
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new book on AWA

Mark James and George Schire published a new book on the AWA.

A.W.A. Record Book: The 1960s
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The Association still existed in 1975

Looks like the National Wrestling Association still existed in 1975.

From the 1975/12/09 issue of the Morning Herald (Hagerstown, MD):


Jack Adkisson (Fritz von Erich) was the president of the NWAlliance around this time.
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RIP - Bill Robinson (1939 - 2014)

Jack Shannon of Sceintific Wrestling reports:
I am unbelievably sad to report that my very good friend Billy Robinson passed away today. I hadn't heard from him in days so I contacted his apartment complex to check in on him. When I called back for a progress report the apartment manager put the police on the phone, it seems he passed peacefully in his sleep. He was a lion of a man, bigger than life ...
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ROH & NJPW joint cards in May, 2014

ROH and New Japan Pro-Wrestling are holding joint cards in Toronto on 2014/05/09 & 05/10 and at the Manhattan Center on 05/17. NJPW is planning to send about 10 wrestlers from Japan.
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Jakob Koch - Record

JAKOB KOCH RECORD - first Edition

Jakob Koch was one of the biggest stars in the early history of german and european professional wrestling. The most people known him as the companion of George Hackenschmidt, but he was even more: a great wrestler and trainer in his hometown Neuss. Until World War I he dominated the german professional scene together with Heinrich Eberle and Ernst Siegfried.


* 12.04.1870 Neuss (Germany)
† 19.02.1918 Neuss (Germany) ...
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