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New Japan Cards featuring the WWF Champion

I was wondering if anyone had the full card results for the following New Japan tours featuring WWF Champions Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan:




Feb.2/84 (Hogan)

Jun.8/94 (Hogan)
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Dump Matsumoto - 3 more years to live?

A shocking story has been spreading among the fans in Japan since an announcement was made by the legendary heel Dump Matsumoto in her own blog (in Japanese).

Apparently, her doctor told her that she only has three more years in her life. No detail was provided in the blog except that she could drink beer twice a week.

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pray for Hoshino

Please pray for New Japan legend Kantaro Hoshino, who has been hospitalized since 2009/02/04 due to stroke.


New Japan will be sending the entire profit from selling the T-shirt (pic) to Hoshino.

New Japan president Naoki Sugabayashi visited Hoshino on 2009/03/13 and saw him wearing "Inoki-ism" jersey and using a towel with New Japan logo as pillow cover.

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2005 Honda TV ad

Starring Kenji Sakaguchi, a very popular actor, and his father who is a true puroresu legend.

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10 years ago...

On 1999/1/31, Giant Baba passed away.

A lot of things in the puroresu scene has changed since then, but there's one thing that hasn't: we still don't have any wrestler who is greater than Giant Baba or Antonio Inoki.

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Mexican Heavyweight Champion?

I have a question regarding the title belt Konnan was wearing when he fought Psychosis at the WCW Clash of the Champions in January 1996.

I cannot find a championship won by Konnan that fits for this point of time. The IWAS, IWC and AAA Championships have been won some time later, sometimes just a few days later (according to the information accessable on this website).

Konnan has been announced as "Mexican Heavyweight Champion" and ...
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Great Kusatsu (1941 - 2008)

Former IWE star Great Kusatsu passed away on 2008/06/21 at the age of 66.


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Karloff Lagarde (1928 - 2007) wrote:Lucha Libre legend Karloff Lagarde past away sometime around 9 AM this morning at the age of 79. Karloff began his career in 1950 and worked into the early 80’s and had a tremendous career where he was a 4-time Mexican National Welterweight Champ, 3-time NWA Welterweight Champ, Mexican National Middleweight Champ, and ½ of the Mexican National Tag Champs with his partner Rene Guarjardo where they were one of the most dominant tag teams ...
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classic video: Hansen vs. Tenryu

PWF & NWA United National Heavyweight Double Title Match
Stan Hansen (PWF) vs. Gen'ichiro Tenryu (UN)
1988/03/09 - Yokohama

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

This match took place during a process of unifying the three heavyweight titles in All Japan: NWA International, NWA United National, and PWF.

About a year after this match, all three titles were unified, and Jumbo Tsuruta became the first unified Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion.
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