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Titles in India question

I am looking for a title history from India. There was an NWA affiliate promoting in that country not to long ago and they recognized a 'World Jr. Middleweight Champion' (or Jr Mid Heavyweight but that just doesnt sound right lol). Thanks in advance...
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Inoki/Brody Feud

How many times did these two wrestle? Every time they meet did Brody always win until there last match and Inoki won? Just trying to get some info on this feud.
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Questions (fairly obscure)

Can you give me career details on some of these people?


Shinji Sasazaki
Kanji Kitazawa
Kazuharu Sonoda
Shoji Kai
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1. Can anybody tell me how good the Inoki vs Hogan match was back in '83 for the first ever IWGP Title?

2. Can somebody give me some info on the Maeda/Andre Shoot? Like when did it happen? Who won the match?
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NWA UK title questions

I know that Hammerlock Wrestling (NWA UK) held a Trans-Atlantic Challenge, and I was wondering what was the history of the Trans-Atlantic Cup (which latter became NWA UK TV Cup)? I know Sinn (Chris CHampion) was the 1st champion followed by Gary Steele. Any help would be awesome!

nWa CHuckie
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(Mexico) LAWA

Does anybody have any information on the Latin American Wrestling Association. All I know is that Konnan was the first champion sometime during 1990 and Psicosis won the Welterweight title sometime early last year. Any info. would help. thanks.
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European Greco-Roman Title 1894-1902

Checking in Liverpool sources, it appears clear that Cannon and McInerney did not match on 22 August 1894 (Connors matched in that date).
Moreover, Hack vs. Cannon held on 13 and not 5 September 1902. In both cases, no European title was on stake. Unique doubt covers possible awarding of Roeber (albeit unprobable). Abs did not fight for European title (checking done with current German historians). On "New York Clipper" Bech Olsen and Roeber matched ...
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Inoki vs. Matsuda

Can anybody tell me how good this match was? I can't remember when it took place. Who won the match and how did it end?
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3/26/1986 UWF vs NJPW

I saw a video clip of a 5 on 5 match between NJPW and UWF. It looked to be strictly heavyweights only with NJPW's top heavies taking on the UWF's. Yamazaki is in it, he looks very young - long red tights, short hair, no goatee. I think the date on which it took place was 3/26/1986. Has anyone seen this match? If so, was it good, great, incredible, awful, terrible?

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tag team name

i know that Doc and Gordy formed one of the greatest tag teams in the world. I know they had a name but I can't remember it. Can someone tell me what it is and why they were called that?

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