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Rosters for 70's and 80's AJPW

Is there a resourse for finding the rosters
for 70's and 80's in AJPW. I have noticed alot
of geijin wrestlers but except for Baba, jumbo
choychu and a cpl of others it seemed to be mostly imported workers from the U.S. Any help would be appriciated.
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European World Mddleweight Title NOT!!!

O.K. I train at Aspull Olympic Wrestling Club which is the offspring club of the Snake Pit. My trainer Roy Wood was trained by the man himseld Billy Riley and after a great competition in Scotland, we were talking about Billy on the way back. I was impressing with my knowlege of the titles that Billy had won and Roy told me something that will change the history of this belt. Billy NEVER lost the ...
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Korean Titles

My question is this:

On Hisa's title page, there's a South Korea section, and I'm just curious to the origins of Korean puroresu, and how far it got. I'm assuming that Kintaro Ohki promoted cards there (hence his Korean group being on the NWA membership roster at one time); did he trai wrestlers? And what happened to Korean puroresu when Ohki retired? Did it just die out?

I know this site deals with puroresu, Japanese ...
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Question about New Japan Dojo in the Showa Days

Another thread on this forum mentioned how Gran Hamada and Mr. Pogo were the first graduates of New Japan's dojo. My question is, who exactly worked as trainers for New Japan in this period? Did some trainers jump ship from the JWA along with Inoki, Fujinami and Kido?
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Korean wrestling movie and the old All Asia hvywt belt...

Hey guys,its been a while since I posted here.

Anyways,since this is the "title" board of the forum,this is just something I thought I'd pass along. I just very recently purchased the DVD of the Korean comedy film "The Foul King".It is the 2nd highest grossing Korean made movie in history and the all time highest grossing Korean comedy.It is about an unproductive bank clerk who gets beat up by his boss for being a ...
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Favorite All Japan Tag Teams

I've always thought that the tag team division in All Japan in the mid to late 80s was one of the best ever, up there with JCP around the same era. My favorite team was Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen. What are yours?
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Universal British Heavyweight Champion crowned

Recently The Wrestling Alliance, FWA, All Star, WAW, and Premiere Promotions held a tournament to crown a Universal British Champ - won by "The Anarchist" Doug Willaims...all the info is at <a href='' target='_blank'></a> or at the FWA site or on <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

This would be a good time to carry on with British Heavyweight title lineage as all the promotions were involved, and thus cant be disputed.
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Titles in India question

I am looking for a title history from India. There was an NWA affiliate promoting in that country not to long ago and they recognized a 'World Jr. Middleweight Champion' (or Jr Mid Heavyweight but that just doesnt sound right lol). Thanks in advance...
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Inoki/Brody Feud

How many times did these two wrestle? Every time they meet did Brody always win until there last match and Inoki won? Just trying to get some info on this feud.
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