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Can somebody Clarify this?

Somebody has on their site that RIC FLAIR was the first WCW INTERCONTINENTAL champion but i have never heard of that title, can somebody help
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Mid Atlantic Tag Team Titles

In doing further research on the Mid Atlantic region, I have uncovered a newspaper clipping from December 26th, 1973 regarding the Mid Atlantic Tag Team championship.

The champions, Brute Bernard & Jay York (managaed by Beautiful Beauregard), defended their titles against Gene and Ole Anderson. The Andersons won the match and the titles.

I believe your site shows the following:

Brute Bernerd & Mike York 73/12/04 Raleigh, NC

Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson ...
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NWA-WCW Tag Team titles

I know the NWA relaunched the titles in 92 but when did the old NWA tga titles become the WCW ones? When the name changed? If so does the WCW tag titles last worn by the Dudley's connect to the NWA World Tag Titles of the 80's etc...Was it just the same title and lineage with a name change and then the old name was relaunched as new titles with the old name?
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Mid Atlantic titles name change...

I see where you have these titles as being renamed in November of 1973. I have been looking through microfilm archives at the Columbia (SC) library and found some newspaper clippings from mid October that refer to the regional championships as "Mid Atlantic" titles.

It is strange, one clipping, the call the singles title "Mid Atlantic" while the tag team titles is still referred to as "Atlantic Coast" tag team champions.

The clipping in ...
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Red Bastien and Hercules Cortez wioth AWA Tag Team Champiosh


others pictures and articles here (in french and in english) <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

NWA Western States Heritage championship

does anyone know who barry windham defeated in the tournament (if it happen) to become the champion and the date..if you can tell me thanks
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Colorado Boxing Commission

Does anyone have the Colorado Boxing Commission Wrestling World Heavyweight Title History

Even Single title Changes will help I have some that I've found mentioned on various title histories on this site but not enough to make a lineage

Please help I'm desperate

Thanks for the help:)
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need help concerning th WCW LH title

Hey, my first post and i got a questio
deos anyone know who was the first WCW Light Heavyweight championship and who did he defeat for it?
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florida titles

does anybody know anything about the florida state titles between 1988 and 1992 when the FCW/PWF promotion controlled them. I know that the heavyweight and tag team titles are on this website but I also know that therie was a Carribbean title can anybody help me out with this title or any otehr title that they had inbetween this time. Any info. would be of great help.
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CRMW Title Histories

I'm Hoping somebody will be able to help me out I am looking for title histories on Canadian Rocky Mountian Wrestling. I believe it ran in the early to mid 90's in Aloberta Canada. I am very willing to trade info. if someone can help me out.
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