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WWE Tag Team Tilte History

I don't think that your WWE Tag Title Title history is complete, you have it starting with Luke graham and Tarzan Tyler but befor eWWE took down their official title history it started with Eddie and Jerry Graham and had 28 other title holders before yours starts. I was just wondering if you knew why that was
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WWE Hardcore Title

Does anybody know what the deal is with the following title changes:

1. 22/07/02 Grand Rapids, MI - Johnny Stamboli defeats Bradshaw for the title, and Bradshaw then regains it. Both this site and the Solie site list this change as happening. However, this match took place on Sunday Night Heat and according to other sites, Bradshaw won this match without losing the title.

2. On 04/08/02 Bradshaw defeated Tommy Dreamer for the title with ...
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Most Important title today

Two ways to look at this question, which you think is either the top title in wrestling today or which is your personal prefernce
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"Unified" belts for secondary titles- i dont agree

This debate has popped up from time to time, so I figured I'll just see what everyone here thinks. When it comes to maybe two World titles being unified, then yes, I
say either carry both belts out or create a new belt representing the
Unified championship. However, when it comes to the unification of
secondary titles, I agree with the current practice in North American
wrestling: the lesser title gets "absorbed" into the more ...
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Old NWA Booking Offices

I've been doing some research here on the net for quite some time and have come across a lot of information pertaining to several of the old NWA affiliated booking offices, including their principal location (city) as well as a list of various officers and directors associated with these companies. Just thought I'd share some of it with you for historical purposes. Credit goes to the Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Oregon business service sites. ...
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Attention Collectors


World-Class physique photographer, Tony Lanza's personal photo collection of some of the world's greatest olde-time wrestling stars. Enjoy the Gallery or purchase a set of high-quality photos printed on double-density, fiberbase paper with Pearl finish. Stay tuned as more photos are on their way!
Visit <a href='' target='_blank'></a> and check out the Photo Gallery section.
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Need Title Histories !

Does anyone know where I can find title histories for wrestlers. Like, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and many others ?

Please email me links.


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WWWF title matches in Japan

I need a little help. If anyone out there can help me find a list of all title defenses of WWWF titles in Japan it would be a lot of help.

I am looking for title defenses by TIger mask, The CObra and Fujinami (both in the US and Japan) for the WWWF JR title. But I am also looking for any and all title defesnes of WWWF-WWE titles in Japan or against Japanese wrestlers.
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NWA National Title

OK whats the story with this one.

Hashimoto defeats Shawn Hernandez on 5-23 on a zero-one card in 4:43 in Tokyo, Japan.

That seesm to be the only clear part. In Japan they are announcing it as a title change with Hashimoto becoming the 48th champion. Stories also have Hashimoto claiming he doesn't want that worthless title he wants the NWA title.

Now it is also being reported that the title was not on the ...
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Raven 22x Hardcore champion

Ok I'm lost last night during Heat Coach kept calling Raven a 22 time Hardcore champion. As far as I know he's only a 18x time hardcore champion.

What's going on here?
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