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Wwwf/wwf/wwe Title Match List Is Up...!!!

It's taken a while to convert the text to HTML format but we're as far as Bruno 69 matches.

Go here :

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

and tell me what you think.


World Title Lineage

After Eric Bichoff intorduced Raw's "World Heavyweight Title", I took up the task of attempting to trace the lineage of the title, actual and fictional. I looked through the title histories on this site and others to see if I can come up with something that resembles a true lineage of the title since the 18th century, through to modern times. I came up with an extensive written article, and a rough diagram, (<a href='' ...
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Hisa - WWE Women's Title

You have still not added the Women's Title Change from Unforgiven, I just wondered whether you knew about it?

Trish pinned Molly on 22/09/2002 in Los Angeles, CA for the title.

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NWA title matches

Where these tw matches title or non title matches

1-Chono beats Sasaki with the STF on 09-10-92 in Osaka, JAPAN.

2-Chono beats Arn Anderson with the STF on 10-22-92 in Cincinnati, OH. The main reason I ask about this match is I know the they night these two faught again with the same results but it was non-title.
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WWE title losing momentum

I have the feeling the WWE title is really losing momentum, since the introduction of the World heavyweight title.
With all the talk about the Big Gold belt and the "lineage" of the World title on TV and the Internet, the WWE title is alsmost becoming secondary to the World title.
What do you guys think?

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posting polls

There have been many polls on "best champs" recently. Those polls usually have not much to do with championship lineages but rather about the wrestlers. Besides, most of those polls don't even include the significant champs from the pre-Hulkamania era. I moved those polls to "Everything else" for now, but please also remember that polls are not allowed in "Everything else".

This means that there wouldn't be many polls that would fit this "Pro-Wrestling Title ...
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a thread from 10 years ago

Found something interesting.

This is the first encouter between wrestling historian Gary Will and myself on USENET's

Click <a href='*' target='_blank'>here</a>.
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Question for Hisa about Raw World title

I noticed that you haven't added the Raw World title to the WWE section of the title history page. What's up?

WWF Title change date confusion...?

I was looking up results on and found this:

Royal Rumble 1997
January 21, 1997 in San Antonio, TX

NOTE the date.

One of the results on that card was:

Shawn Michaels pinned Sycho Sid (13:49) to win the WWF World Title.

HOWEVER In Wrestling Title Histories and on this site, I have seen the change date as 19/01/1997 in San Antonio, TX

Which is the correct date?


RAW's championship, a new championship!

According to an article on, RAW's championship is a newly created World heavyweight championship! You can read the article by going to the address
<a href='' target='_blank'></a> .

TJ Vermeer




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