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[results] Mid-Atlantic 1964/02

Thanks to the clawmaster and clipcorner.

2/1/64 Lexington, NC @ YMCA Gym
Referee Sam Roberts
Bob Ellis & Johnny Weaver def Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich on a 3rd fall dq
Maritimes Champion Emile Dupre def Tommy O'Toole via pin in 16:00 with a cradle roll
Alex Medina def Angelo Martinelli via pin in 22:00 with a small package
Bobby Hart def Johnny Heidman via pin in 13:00 after a drop kick

2/1/64 Roanoke, VA ...
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[results] Mid-Atlantic 1964/01

Posted on KM:

Thursday, January 2, 1964 Greensboro, NC - Coliseum (2,200)
The Kentuckians Big Boy Brown & Tiny Anderson ddq Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich & Homer O'Dell in 2nd fall
1. The Kentuckians won 1st fall in 10:00
2. All five men were dq'ed in 7:00 when nobody would leave the ring
Maurice Semard & Bernard Semard beat Chico Santana & Pee Wee Lopez 2/3
George Becker beat John Gudiski in 12:00
Jack ...
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They started airing the MACW shows on WWE 24/7 under the weekly TV show category. It's cool to see another regional TV show from pre-WWF expansion era.

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need exact date for a 1987 card

I'm trying to find out the exact date for this card:

November 1987
"NWA Pro Wrestling" & "World Wide Wrestling" taping (both aired on Nov 28, 87)
Columbia, SC @ Township Auditorium

Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw def George South & Thunderfood #1
Ricky Santana def Gary Royal
R. Steiner def Tomy Angel
U.S. Tag: Midnight Express: Lane & Eaton (champs) def R&R Express
Midnight Express def Larry Stephens & John Savage
Rutondo def David ...
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Fernandez/Rude-Fernandez/Koloff-R 'n' R Express Title Switch

The last listing I have of Manny Fernandez and Rick Rude defending the NWA World Tag Team titles is 05/22/1987, against Bob & Brad Armstrong in Richmond.

It has always been universally accepted that The Rock 'n' Roll Express were award the belts and it was announced on 05/26/1987 that they defeated Fernandez and Rude to win the titles in Spokane, Washington (a match taped in January 1987).

Obviously, that only leaves a four day ...
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Jos LeDuc -- Former NWA TV Champ -- When Was He Stripped?

I have Jos LeDuc beating Jimmy Valiant for the NWA Television Title on 09/19/1982 in Charlotte. I have listings of him as champion until at least 10/26/1982, in a Mid-Atlantic title match against Jack Brisco.

Strangely enough, I have Ivan Koloff making a defense against Valiant on 10/03/1982 in Toronto.

It seems the lineage of the TV Title during this time frame might be a bit muddled.
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WHERE did Tully defeat Youngblood for the TV Title?

Anyone notice that the listing for the MidAtlantic TV Title does not contain a place for Tully Blanchard's victory over Mark Youngblood for the TV Title?

I had discussed this with some folks on the message board linked to the MidAtlantic Gateway. Some people confirmed that this match did indeed happen, and it was shown on TV. However, no one can quite pin down which city hosted the match.

Some of the guesses were Spartanburg, ...
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Conway/Keirn-Anderson's Tag Team Title Switch?

11/03/1975; Charlotte: Conway Jr. & Keirn defeated Gene & Ole.

11/10/1975; Charlotte: NWA World Tag Team champions Conway Jr. & Keirn defeated Gene & Ole.

11/17/1975; Charlotte: Gene & Ole defeated Conway Jr. & Keirn.

The only champions listed for these is the 11/10/1975 match. It doesn't say either way for 11/03/1975 or 11/17/1975. I'm left to assume that this was a two week title switch for the Charlotte fans only?

I have a ...
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Possible Incorrect Title Change Date


You have Ole Anderson defeating Jerry Brisco for the Eastern States title on 05/23/1973 in Raleigh. I have Brisco defeating Ole the day before in Raleigh. Any ideas?
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Brass Knuckles TAG TEAM Titles?

MACW @ Charlotte, NC – 07/03/1972
Matti Suzuki defeated Randy Curtis… Rock hunter fought to a draw with Les Thatcher… Farmer Pete & Ronnie Garvin defeated Two Ton Harris & Wee Willie Wilson… Art Nelson & Johnny Weaver defeated The Great Bolo & Bolo to win the NWA Brass Knuckles Tag Team title… Jack Brisco, NWA Eastern States champion Jerry Brisco, & Eddie Graham defeated Swede Hanson, Gary Hart, & Rip Hawk in a 6-man ...
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