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The Philedelphia-based promotion headed by Todd Gordon & Paul Heyman.

Vince Mcmahon and ECW

I heard in a documentery that Vince Mcmahan funded ECW was this true and How did Vince Mcmahon get the rights to resurect ECW?
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ECW Title History

Why has the ECW title history been deleted? I can't find it anywhere.
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saw Paul Heyman today

I completely forgot that he has lived only few miles away from my home for his entire life. How come I had never seen him until this evening, I don't know.

My wife and I were doing grocery shopping at a store she usually goes, and I found him. Didn't talk to him much. Just a "hey, how are you, nice meeting you" kinda stuff. I could have told him about my somewhat famous websites, ...
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RIP - Johnny Grunge

Wrestling Observer wrote:Mike "Johnny Grunge" Durham was pronounced dead on arrival at an Atlanta area hospital this morning.

The only available details were he was at a friend's house in Peachtree City, GA, and was gasping for air and rushed to the hospital. The preliminary diagnosis from the hospital is that it was said to have to do with complications from sleep apnea.

Grunge and the late Rocco Rock (Ted Petty), as the tag team of ...
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Titles Not In the Title History Section

Two that immediately come to mind are state championships from ECW, which I believe were the Pennsylvania championship and Maryland championship, if my memory serves me correctly.

How many more can you guys list and can you come up with any title histories and/or title defense histories? Thanks.
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ECW World Title Defence History Online!

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Special thanks to necrosis21 for starting this page; I've gone back and filled in the blanks as best I can by researching old forums, Usenet posts, etc. to create as complete a list as I can.
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ECW vs NWA World Title 8/27/94

The night ECW changed its name to Extreme, via Shane Douglas speach denouncing the NWA World Title, was that a shoot or angle. I viewed it as a shoot because how Dennis Caraluzzo reacted.
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ECW Titles article

Please check this week's article over at <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Click Stories/Columns on the left hand toolbar, Necrosis' Title Run and the latest edition is at the top. I would hyperlink but we've changed the format of OSW to Flashscreen.

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History of the FTW title

Will we ever see a history of the FTW title?
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