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The Atlanta-based organization owned by Turner Broadcasting.

WCW Women's Heavyweight Title

Yet again, I'm struggling for informaiton, here's what I have:

World Championship Wrestling Women’s World Heavyweight Title MatchesWorld Championship Wrestling Women’s World Heavyweight Title (29/12/1996 – 23/03/2001)


<span style='color:Blue'>Akira Hokuto</span> 29/12/1996 Nashville, TN
*Pinned Madusa Miceli (Alundra Blaze) in tournament final.
DCOR Madusa Miceli 30/12/1996 Knoxville, TN


W-P Debbie Combs 31/03/1997 <span style='color:Red'>?</span>
W-P Madusa Miceli 06/04/1997 Tupelo, MS
W-P Malaia Hosaka 09/06/1997 Boston, MA
W-P Madusa Miceli 15/06/1997 Moline, IL
*Title vs. ...
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Another WCW Title thread - Cruiserweight Tag

I am currently making up title defence lists for the WCW Titles, here's what I have for the Cruiserweight Tag:

World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Matches
World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Tag Team Title (18/03/2001 – 26/03/2001)


<span style='color:Blue'>Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper</span>   18/03/2001  Jacksonville, FL
*Defeated Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr.) in tournament final when Romeo pinned Misterio.
L-P  Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio ...
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WCW Women's World Cruiserweight Title - Need info

This is the entire history here at Hisa's site:

World Championship Wrestling
Women's World Cruiserweight Title

Toshie Uematsu 97/04/07 Huntsville, AL  
*Defeats Malia Hosaka in tournament final.  

Yoshiko Tamura 97/07/19 Yokohama, JAPAN  

Sugar Sato 97/09/20 Kawasaki, JAPAN

And this is my history from information I've been able to obtain so far (almost nothing!).

World Championship Wrestling Women’s World Cruiserweight Title Matches
World Championship Wrestling Women’s World Cruiserweight Title (07/04/1997 – <span ...
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Unknown WCW Title Change???

Was just going through results archives to update my title defence list on the WCW / WWE Cruiserweight Title and noticed this result at <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Match 1: Cruiserweight Title Match: Mike Modest vs. Prince Iaukea

Prince and Modest lock up, Modest decks Prince, and Prince jumps right back up, Modest whips Prince into the ropes, Prince bounces back and kicks Modest down. Modest throws Prince to the outside, and dominates him, Chavo Guerrero ...
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WCW World Cruiserweight Title

Results for WCW are scarce on the Internet so I thought maybe some of you gurus could help. I'm looking for more information concerning the following:

<span style='color:Blue'>Shinjiro Ohtani</span>
<span style='color:Red'>L</span> Dean Malenko 02/05/1996 Lake Buena Vista, FL
*How did Malenko win the match? Pinfall?

<span style='color:Blue'>Alex Wright</span>
<span style='color:Red'>L</span> Chris Jericho 12/08/1997 Colorado Springs, CO
*How did Jericho win the match?

<span style='color:Blue'>Lenny Lane</span>
*Stripped on <span style='color:Red'><02/10/1999 </span> when Lane was taken off ...
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Can somebody Clarify this?

Somebody has on their site that RIC FLAIR was the first WCW INTERCONTINENTAL champion but i have never heard of that title, can somebody help
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NWA-WCW Tag Team titles

I know the NWA relaunched the titles in 92 but when did the old NWA tga titles become the WCW ones? When the name changed? If so does the WCW tag titles last worn by the Dudley's connect to the NWA World Tag Titles of the 80's etc...Was it just the same title and lineage with a name change and then the old name was relaunched as new titles with the old name?
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