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The Atlanta-based organization owned by Turner Broadcasting.

WCW Hardcore Championship

According to Wikipedia, Meng awarded The Barbarian the WCW Hardcore Title on his last WCW match (before returning to the WWE via the Royal Rumble): ... _Champions
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what was the relationship between WCW and the NWA I know Ted Turner bought Jim Crocket Promotions but How is it that the NWA is still around after the fact? (I alway thought NWA and WCW was the same)
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WCW us tag

what was the history of the Wcw US tag team titles
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Ownership/legal history of the Big Gold Belt

Bob Trobich, longtime legal counsel and current Executive Director for the NWA, has been posting on their message forum and a couple of days ago gave his account of the legal events concerning the Big Gold Belt in the early '90s with Ric Flair, the NWA, and WCW in condensed form. Here is what he said:

-JIm Crockett Promotions had the belt made in the mid-80s.
-Ric Flair fired by WCW in 1991; the NWA ...
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"The History of World Championship Wrestling"

I have begun taking pre-orders for "The History of World Championship Wrestling." The book is $25.00, with no shipping and handling charges.

Keep in mind when ordering that this is a statiscal project. The second edition of the book, assuming I get that far with this project, may include some of the political rumors/facts and humorous anecdotes within the company.

The book will include all pay-per-views, many television show results, and many house show results. ...
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"Mexican Heavyweight Title"

Was this the World heavyweight title belt that Konnan used in AAA? If so, it says in that title history that Konnan left AAA in October 1996. However, I have a result as late as 11/11/1996 that lists Konnan as "Mexican champion." Any ideas as to why this is the case?
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World Heavyweight Title date correction?

The dates I've always seen listed for the held-up World title match between Flair and Steamboat is 04/23/1994 or 04/24/1994, but I have a listing that says 04/21/1994. What gives?
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Who sold WCW?

How was the purchase of WCW pulled off and did Ted Turner have any say or indication he opposed the move.
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NWA/WCW Title Questions

Forgive me if this has already been asked, but why have the WCW title histories been split up from the NWA title histories? For example, I always thought that the Mid-Atlantic tag team titles became the NWA World Tag Team title, which would become the WCW World Tag Team titles. The same goes for the World Television title and possibly several others.

Am I wrong here? What's the deal?
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Complete WCW Hardcore Title History

<a href='' target='_blank'>Here's the complete WCW Hardcore Title history in PDF format.</a>

This includes ALL house show title defenses.
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