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Spanish Wrestling article in current issue of Journal of Asi

In the current issue of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, from pages 8-32 (I think), there is a good-sized article, with pictures, and old posters, of pro wrestling in Spain. Basically the article is about how Jujitsu-ka fought catch wrestlers at the turn of the century in the Iberian Penninsula. The book is a bit expensive but aside from DragonKing Press and maybe EJMAS, there is little written about wrestling in Spain (in English ...
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George Hackenschmidt

Does anybody have a good bio on Hackenschmidt.
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Is anyone here has news of Cannonball, one of the greatest pro wrestler in France ?
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Pictures of Catch Wrestling Association title?

Hi, I'm looking for as many pictures as possible of the CWA's World Heavyweight title. I saw it for the first time in a picture of Vader from 1990 where he held the CWA, IWGP and UWA titles and I've fallen in love with it! I'd prefer a picture (or pictures) of it on its own (ala most of the pictures of titles on this site) but I'll be glad to have pictures of it ...
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Scottish Heavyweight Title


I don't think i've posted on these forums for a while...

I run Scottish Championship Wrestling and we have had a Scottish Heavyweight Champion since April 19th, 2003, when Conscience became out first Champion.

At our show on Saturday, July 19th, Conscience had to relinquish the belt and "The Highlander From Hell" Drew McDonald defeated Andy Hogg to become our new Champion.

Anyway, the reason I am mentioning it is because Drew was...I believe...the ...
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VIDEO TO DOWNLOAD : CWA - Flesh Gordon vs Cato Gipsy

Hello dear fans around the world :cheers:

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Promotion : CWA.
Fight : Flesh Gordon Vs Cato Gipsy.
Year : 1993.
Size : 29 mo.

If possible, can you describe what you think of this fight? Which note?

Thanx! :P
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Roland Barthes "Mythologies"

Whether it's in french or english (i know both versions are available on the internet) i'd like to find the extract from Roland Barthes' book entitled in which he talks about wrestling i.e "catch" in french....

if any of you guys could help me out, that'd be great !
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British Heavyweight Title, disputed branches 1958-66, 1985-8

The British Heavyweight title was the only UK title to suffer from any serious disputes, by and large titles have remained undisputed since the aftermath of the Mountevans Committee in 1947.

In 1958, Joint Promotions, sick of Bert Assirati's tendency to refuse to obey orders, shoot on and destroy opponents and generally act as a nucleus of lockeroom discontent, stripped him of the title and sacked him as champion.

Assirati continued to claim the title ...
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Some Stuff from French Pro Wrestling

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>


I built this site recently... It is very minimal, but it's very hard to find informations about french pro-wrestling... No popular interest, unknown archive...

So I search and I find some books, some photos from this books, some articles.. I hope can propose to you more stuff to the future.

The PHOTOS section is the most interessant....
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titles in France

Wrestling Title Histories only lists few titles for France, recognized by FCLA, FCLP, and FFLP. I don't even know what these abbr. stand for.

I remember reading an article on "Wrestling Revue" magazine back in mid-80s with mentions of the current champs in France, but I lost the magazine. :(

Anyone have more info on France?
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