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Larry "The Axe" Hennig - Record 1983 (Austria)

CWA Catch-Cup 1983 – Graz (Austria)
- Promoter: Otto Wanz

Larry "The Axe" Hennig & Rasputin II (Johnny Howard) def. Steve Casey & Dave Morgan

Larry "The Axe" Hennig def. Steve Casey

Otto Wanz def. Larry "The Axe" Hennig

Larry "The Axe" Hennig def. Charles Verhulst

Larry "The Axe" Hennig def. (DQ) Billy Samson

Larry "The Axe" Hennig def. Bobby Gaetano

Larry "The Axe" Hennig def. Jörg Chenok ...
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Andre the Giant in Germany & Austria

Andre the Giant

10.12.1979 – Karlsruhe
Andre the Giant def. Rasputin II (Johnny Howard) & Mal Kirk

11.12.1979 – Dortmund
Andre the Giant def. René Lasartesse & Rasputin II (Johnny Howard)

12.12.1979 – Offenburg
Andre the Giant def. René Lasartesse & Rasputin II (Johnny Howard)

13.12.1979 – Offenbach (Main)
Andre the Giant def. Rasputin II (Johnny Howard) & Mal Kirk

14.12.1979 – Fürth
Andre the Giant def. Rasputin II (Johnny Howard) & Mal Kirk

15.12.1979 ...
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Mil Mascaras in Germany (1974)

1974 - Munich
- Promoter: Gustl Kaiser (IBV; Hamburg)

Mil Mascaras def. Peter Kayser

Mil Mascaras def. Dave Morgan

Mil Mascaras def. Don Vines

Mil Mascaras drew Iwan Strogoff

Mil Mascaras def. Josef "Joschi" Molnar

Mil Mascaras def. Mitsuo Yoshida (Riki Choshu)

Mil Mascaras def. Charles Verhulst

Mil Mascaras def. Dennis Mitchell

Micha Nador def. Mil Mascaras

Roland Bock def. Mil Mascaras

Iwan Strogoff ...
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Tosh Togo (Harold Sakata) - Record (Germany)


here are the results of Harold Sakata's Matches in germany between 1965 and 71. He was booked by Promoter Gustl Kaiser (IBV).

Harold Sakata def. Hans Dillinger

Harold Sakata def. Leif Rasmussen

Harold Sakata def. Mustafa Shikhane

Harold Sakata def. Jan Campbell

Harold Sakata def. Hermann Iffland

Harold Sakata def. Gedeon Gida

Harold Sakata def. Micha Nador

09.06.1965 – Final
Horst Hoffmann def. Harold Sakata
- ...
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Antonio Inoki - Catch Europe Tour 1978


here are the results of the Catch Europe Tour 1978

- the fight between Bock and Inoki on 25.11.1978 in Stuttgart was booked as "WWU vs. WWA Championship"

Bock won the VDB Title on 09.04.1978 in Stuttgart. WWU and WWA are fictional Titles, which was created my the management himself (Bock and VDB Manager Paul Berger). Berger was the matchmaker of this tour and i think he created some "Storys", that will be published ...
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Karl Gotch - Record 1951-59


i have published for a few months the European Matches of Karel Istaz ("Karl Gotch") for He wrestled in Europe under his real name.

Karel Istaz ("Karl Gotch")

Professional Wrestling Debut: October 1950, Belgium: Karel Istaz def. Addie Palecek (???)

10.03.1951 – Manchester
Karel Istaz def. Big Bill Benny

04.04.1951 - Manchester
Karel Istaz def. Jack Pye

07.04.1951 - Manchester
Karel Istaz def. Dave Armstrong

11.04.1951 - Manchester
Karel Istaz vs. Ernest Baldwin ...
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Bert Assirati


in the 1980s Scotish Historian James Craig and German Historian Gerhard Schäfer worked together and published the Bert Assirati Record Book. In germany Schäfer published this under the name "Wrestling Archives No. 18 - Bert Assirati".

According to these record Assirati made his debut as a professional wrestler on 28.10.1928 in London against Robert Cook. He defeated Cook. First he trained under Coach Guido Ronga in the Ashdown Club. At this time he was ...
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IBV Update


following I will published some Infos about the german promotion IBV; so you can written this on your Page under "Austria and Germany"

This is really complicated, so i have published this in an easy way, did you can understand this

IBV stands for:

Internationaler Berufsringkämpfer Verband

founded: 20.09.1947
incorporated as IBV in Hamburg on 20.02.1948
closed around 1997


Gustl Kaiser (1947-76)
Nicola Selenkowitsch (1965-86)
Gerd Völlink (1988-97)

Co-Promoter under Kaiser was Georg ...
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George Hackenschmidt 1901


i have found this on
Georg Hackenschmidt 05/05/04 New York, NY
Has been recognized as world greco-roman champion in Europe as of 1900/04; also has won the world championship tournaments in Vienna, Paris, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Elberfield, and Berlin in 1901; wins European Greco-Roman title from Tom Cannon on 02/09/04 in Liverpool, GBR; wins recognition as World champion on 04/01/30 in London, GBR, defeating Ahmed Madrali; defeats American title holder Tom Jenkins on ...
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Catch Schober


here is a information about the german promoter Edmund Schober. For a few months a don't know the exact debut of his shows in Hannover. But in 1971 Schober had written a newspaper article. He said himself that he debuted in Hannover in 1964. I think that was right, because after 1955 there were no wrestling in Hannover. Promoter Rudolf Kalweit held his last tournament here in 1955. Then in 1964 Schober took over ...
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