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Plus other countries in Central & South America. Topics on Puerto Rico should be posted under "U.S. & Canada Regional Territories".

Favorite Lucha match

My favorite hands down is the great 5 star classic between Sato-Octagon vs. Love Machine and Eddy Guerrero. Incredible heat, non stop action, quite simply one of the greatest matches in PPV history.

The other one is the historic MASK vs. MASK match between Villano III and Atlantis. It is easy why it was chosen match of the year by the Observer.

I also enjoy the match between Hijo Del Santo and Blue Panther from ...
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Dos Caras

It seems to me that Dos Caras doesn;t really get the credit he deserves. I think it has to do that Mil Mascaras was a top superstar and all-time great. We always here Santo, Blue Demon, Canek, any ideas why Dos Caras is not really on those same list.
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El Santo

does anybody know of a good biographical site on-line for him.

I don't care if it's in spanish either.
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Dominican Republic titles...

While looking at the 85-86 membership listing, I noticed that the Dominican Republic was an NWA Member territory. I have the Title-History book and it shows a Dominican Repulic heavyweight and tag team titles for the area. Only it's history is from '83, I think (don't have it in front of me).

Does anyone know if these titles were abandonded at that time (after '83)? Did they recognize the W.W.C. titles from that point?
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Is nobody discussing Mexico??

Is nobody discussing Mexico?? And why?
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Lucha questions

I don't know much about lucha, but I was wondering a) what's the difference (if any) between EMLL and CMLL, and B) I was looking for some recommendations for CMLL tapes to check out.
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additional note for this board

Please limit to the topics on title lineages only. Topics on Puerto Rico should be posted under "<a href='' target='_blank'>U.S. & Canada Regional Territories</a>".
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RIP - Rey Mendoza

(from Message Board)
Ray Mendoza has died at 73. He is one of the true legends of lucha libre as a huge star of the 1950s and 1960s and into the 1970s as well. Ray is also the father of Los Villanos. Ray helped found the UWA and later became a member of the boxing and wrestling commission in Mexico City.
A true legend and former light heavyweight champion of the world.

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(Mexico) LAWA

Does anybody have any information on the Latin American Wrestling Association. All I know is that Konnan was the first champion sometime during 1990 and Psicosis won the Welterweight title sometime early last year. Any info. would help. thanks.
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AAA main title?

Does anyone know which title is currently AAA's main title? I thought it was the IWC title, but now I'm hearing it's the UWA tite...

Thanks, TJ
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