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NA/IC Title stuff

This is what I found on

"DiBiase wasn’t involved in the creation of the Intercontinental Title directly. At the time Vince McMahon Sr. brought Ted in, there were two belts. McMahon Sr. created a new title and put it on Ted, the North American title. However, he then found out that the belt Bill Watts used in Mid-South was named the same. The title’s name was then changed, and when Pat Patterson came in ...
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additional note for this board

Please limit to the pre-1984 topics only. Post-1984 topics should be posted under "<a href='' target='_blank'>Everything else</a>" (Note: the topics posted before 2003/05/11 remain on this board).

Also, please stop reporting errors on the title history listings here. You can just email me whenever for corrections and additional info.

Thank you.
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WWE Hardcore Championship

The main reason for this post is to find out if anybody has a picture the WWE Hardcore Championship when Tommy Dreamer had the Championship, When it had the Lincense Plate on it. Also I would like to know if Anybody has the date and place and holders where they had the Hardcore title BattleRoyal to end the 24/7 rule.
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New titles article...

Please visit this week's update at <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
Click "Stories & Articles" on the left, then click "Title Run" on the right (the one with the handsome young face above it ;)

Sorry for the delay this week.
Also, the new update should be up this evening, I'll post the link, asap.

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Diagram of the World title

Does anyone know how I can obtain the diagram of the World title?
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WWWF formation date possibly revealed...

Visit this forum <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
on Kayfabe Memories.

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WWE tag title

The WWE tag title is listed on this site as a world title. Should it be? I mean, WWE already has a WWE World tag title, which is defended on Raw. It's unlogical for a company to have two world tag titles. Does WWE itself actually recognize the new WWE tag title as a world title?
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24/7 titles

Hope this on the right board.....

Does anyone know if the WWF Hardcore title was the first ever "24/7 title"? When they first introduced that rule I thought it was a brillantly inventive idea, but was it actually original or did they just nick it from somewhere else...?
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Wwwf/wwf/wwe Title Match List Is Up...!!!

It's taken a while to convert the text to HTML format but we're as far as Bruno 69 matches.

Go here :

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

and tell me what you think.

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Hisa - WWE Women's Title

You have still not added the Women's Title Change from Unforgiven, I just wondered whether you knew about it?

Trish pinned Molly on 22/09/2002 in Los Angeles, CA for the title.

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