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WWE titles real name !!!


I am a wrestling fans.

I have a technic problem for the actual real name of WWE titles :

1/ Intercontinental : ???

a- WWE Intercontinental HeavyWeight Title


b- Intercontinental Heavyweight Title

2/ United States : ???

a- WWE United States HeavyWeight Title


b- United States HeavyWeight Title

3/ Women's : ???

a- WWE Women's World Title


b- Women's World Title


c- WWE Women's Title


d- Womens's Title

The ...
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WWF Light-Heavyweight (Dan Please Help)


This post is more for Dan Poutsma then anyone else but if you can answer this please do..

The Former WWF Light-Heavyweight title that X-Pac won at Summer Slam 2001 and then walk out with when he got Injured.. when did that title offically start and why?

I have seen sites that say it started in 1997, I have seen that say it starts in 80s and <a href='' target='_blank'></a> says that cruiserweight ...
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WWE Title History Webpage

Hey guys, I know we hit on a few points on the I-C page but I've been reading the WWE title part now and I just found something in regard to the "Twin Hebner" incident that made me :shocked:

It was also revealed that Earl Hebner, who was said to have been refereeing the match, wasn’t even in the ring. Instead, DiBiase had paid for ...
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WWE Intercontinental Title History Web Page

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Interesting subsite. I wonder if they're going to expand and make an actual title history site (like they tried to do 3-4 years ago) or if this is just a set-up for the upcoming WWE Intercontinental Title History DVD?
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Jericho's IC titles

I just checked my friend's website after I read his reflection that Chris Jericho is a six time IC champion - not seven as he claims.

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Has anyone got in touch with WWE to alert them to this error? Phil's adamant that it's six IC titles. It's a record (Jeff Jarrett won five) but that's all that's correct.
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WWWF Junior and Lightweight Titles

I was looking at the old WWWF Junior Heavyweight Title, the version that was held by Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid among others, and their old Lightweight title, the one that was part of the J-Crown, and they seem to be exactly the same. Has anybody noticed this? If anybody knows anything about this, I would love to hear what the story is.
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WWWFE Title Defence Lists!

A few months ago I designed and opened a site to host Pro-Wrestling Title Defence lists. These weren't just to show the changes and each champion, but each champions' title defences as well. This was a mammoth task and I'm pleased to say that I've managed to come up with a stable solution for the time being until I can get each and every title listed and up to date. That will be a work ...
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Stan Hansen

I was watching one of the WWE's new DVD's this week, Bloodbath, and one of the extras featured a cage match between champion Bob Backlund and Stan Hansen for the Federation championship. Great old school cage match.

Anyways, I like Hansen, but one of the few things I'm shady about (regarding him and both Federation history) is his time there, as I was almost unaware he was even with the Federation. So anyways, does anyone ...
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WWF/NWA Unification Tournament


I found this on is this true

WWF/NWA Title Unification

September 22, 1980 in New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden drawing 20,000
  1. The Hangman beat Dominic DeNucci (10:15).
  2. Rick Martel beat Rick McGraw (6:47).
  3. Les Thornton beat Jose Estrada (7:41).
  4. Pat Paterson beat Johnny Rodz (8:38).
  5. Pedro Morales beat Afa (3:34).
  6. Tony Atlas beat Sika (5:32).
  7. Ken Patera beat Rene Goulet (1:04).
  8. Larry Zbysko beat Tony Garea (13:34) via DQ.
  9. Andre ...
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Is the Entire WWWF/WWF/WWE World Title Lineage a FRAUD?!!?

<a href='' target='_blank'>Check it out</a>. What do YOU think?

So long from the Sunshine State!
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