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The Million Dollar Championship

How come the Million Dollar Championship is not mentioned here? If Ted Dibiase just wore the belt and claimed to be the Million Dollar CHampion and never defended it what-so-ever, I would understand no mention, but the fact that he had defended it on a few occasions, and lost it to Virgil, then regained it again suggests that not only did the Championship exist, it has a history.
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The SmackDown tag titles lineage still continues

Your lineage for SmackDown's Tag Team Championship ends at the unification, where in truth it has never stopped.
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Triple H and the IC Championship

At No Mercy 2003 Triple H defeated Kane and unified his World Heavyweight Championship with Kane's IC Championship. But the IC Title History on this website doesn't acknowledge HHH as IC Champion on this day. The title has been abandoned that night, but HHH still won it. The Stipulation of the match was: "Champion vs. Champion - Winner Take All", which can be clearly seen on any Youtube Video of that match. Other websites seemed ...
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Susan Green's Women's World Title reign

This site and Wrestling Title Histories (I don't have it to hand, but I believe they do) both list Susan Green and Fabulous Moolah trading the title in 1976 in New York, but with no further information.

I searched the results from 1976 on Cawthon's site. Here are all of the listed matches involving Moolah and/or Green:

WWWF @ Philadelphia, PA - Spectrum - February 28, 1976
Women's Champion the Fabulous Moolah defeated Kitty Adams ...
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When did the WWWf become the WWF? I know Vince got it from his dad but when did it become official
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Tag Team Titles in 1982?

Dear Hisa,

Your site includes the following lineage between The Strongbows and the duo of Mr Fuji & Mr Saito:
Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito 81/10/13 Allentown, PA
Chief Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbow 82/06/28 New York, NY
Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito 82/07/13 Allentown, PA
Chief Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbow 82/10/26 Allentown, PA
Samoans 83/03/08 Allentown, PA

However, according to a few different sources, the Strongbows' 82/06/28 victory was reversed, ...
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Hulk Hogan and Unknown WWF Belt

Does anyone know anything about this belt or have better pics of it?

It's believed to be a belt used in between the Hogan 85 and Hogan 86 belts.

It's not the Andre belt and it's not an NWA/WCW 6 man belt although that is what it most resembles.

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WWE Hardcore title brought back

I noticed that on RAW a few weeks back, Mick Foley brought back the Hardcore title and said that he and Edge were now the co-holders.

Now, normally it's understood that wrestlers themselves don't have that kind of power - but, I noticed that the title will be defended on ECW's One Night Stand.

Does this make it official? Are Edge and Foley really co-champions?

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WWF Hardcore Title Appearance

Hi, I have always had an interest in wrestling titles, so this site is great for me.

I have three questions about the WWF(E) Hardcore title.

1) Was that a replica of the WWF Championship that was destroyed and made into the hardcore title or was it the real deal?

2) Does anybody have any pictures of Bradshaw's "Bullhorn" hardcore belt or Tommy Dreamer's "Licence Plate" hardcore belt?

3) Did anybody else replace the original ...
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Title changes in tag team turmoil matches?

On the Backlash PPV, there was a Tag Team Turmoil match, which for those who don't know, is basically a Gauntlet match, where you beat one opponent and go on to face the next one immediately.

The champions, William Regal & Tajiri, beat their first opponents, then the second opponents but lost to the third opponents - La Resistance. La Resistance then went on to face Hurricane & Rosey and lost the match, thus Hurricane ...
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