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RIP - Chief Jay Strongbow

Longtime WWWF regular Chief Jay Strongbow (real name: Joe Scarpa) passed away on 2012/04/03. ... 13886.html

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The Tag Team Championship section needs to be updated

Air Boom are no longer Tag Team Champions.
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Is CM Punk the new US Champion?

I read on Wrestlezone that CM Punk beat Dolph Ziggler in a Champion Vs Champion match ... lts-112111 I am unsure though if the titles were on the line.
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The Internet Championship???

I read on Wrestlezone (can't find the article to post as proof) that one WWE wrestler (can't remember the wrestler) started/was awarded an Internet Championship, which he defended at a show when WWE toured Australia.

In info on this? Is it a legit title?
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The Intercontinental Championship

I just read this on the Wrestling site Wrestlezone: ... amp-131429

Apparently The Big Show came out with the I/C title in a match in Spain against Alberto Del Rio last week.
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WWE, no longer a wrestling company

Well, that's what this article says. :lol:
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WWE/WWF Mojor Championship History

I am looking for all of the major championships in WWE/F history. Going all the way back to the Capitol Wrestling days. Below is the list that I have so far. Can anybody add or subtract from it?

Capital Wrestling Corporation (1952 - 1963)
World Wide Wrestling Federation (1963 - 1979)
World Wrestling Federation (1979 - 2002)
World Wrestling Entertainment (2002 - Present)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship (1952 ...
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WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Shouldn't the WCW Cruiserweight Championship have a separate page to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship? I noticed when WCW was defeated at the 2001 Survivor Series and became no more, the WCW Cruiserweight Title became a WWE Title, but you just kept the title history on the same page.
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NWA and Vincent J. McMahon's split in 1963...

I am just learning about pro wrestling history which took place before where my personal recollections kick in (the Attitude era of WWF and the Monday Night Wars). I have been studying the history of the WWE Championship, and I see that Buddy Rogers was awarded the first WWWF Heavyweight belt due to some sort of dispute over (to my understanding) Rogers dropping the NWA World Heavyweight belt to Lou Thesz on Jan. 24, 1963. ...
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Molly Holly in 2010

Read more : Molly Holly in 2010 | Views : 1522 | Replies : 0




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