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Including NWAssociation (formerly NBA), the current version of NWA founded by Pinkie George, and other previous versions of NWAlliance, such as Des Moines and Kansas. Topics on regional territories may be moved to more appopriate board.

Interesting interpretation of NWA World Title history...

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I found this interpretation of NWA Title history to be very interesting. This site counts the WCW International Title as the real NWA Title. This idea, while in opposition to official NWA records, makes sense in my opinion because

a) the belt still had the heritage of the NWA Title and
B) because there was no other NWA Champion during that time period.

In fact, this site's version of events leaves the ...
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number of world title question

Someone please give me some help, is the number of NWA champions start at George Hackenschmidt? If that is the case then the NWA should be coming up on 100 real soon, since if I counted correctly Jarrett is 97. Maybe the NWA should do something special but thats just me.
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Former NWA champ dies.

Dick Hutton, the fifth NWA champ from 1957 to 1959, passed away in Tulsa, OK at the age of 80. A detailed biography/obituary can be found here.

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NWA rulebook

I remember finding a web site where there was a scan of the NWA rulebook (concerning match rules). Do any of you have anything related to that? (The rulebook itself, link to the site I'm talking about, or anything regarding the NWA rules.)

Thanks for any info.

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Southwest Championship Wrestling - NWA Member?

I recently watched a tape of Kerry & David Von Erich vs Karl Krupp & Gene Yates. The show was Southwest Championship Wrestling, but Bronco Lubich was the referee and had an NWA patch on his shirt.

Does anyone know if San Antonio was an NWA member at one time? I'm guessing this match is from the late 70's as both Von Erichs were very young. Also, if anyone else has seen this match, where ...
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Why was the NWA not in Europe?

Why was the NWA not in Europe? Until recently, and Hammerlock UK joined, there does not seem to be a promoter in Europe that was a member of the NWA. Why was that?
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NWA Meeting in 1967

I lifted this from the "Letters to Jack Pfefer from Bobby Bruns" thread from the Old School Hodge Podge section of Kayfabe Memories. In one of the letters, postmarked 10-16-67, it gives a list of guys who attended what was apparently the annual pow-wow in Las Vegas. They are as follows:

Willie Gilzenburg, Toots Mondt, Vince McMahon, Fred Ward, Ray Gunkel, Paul Jones, Jim Crockett, George Becker, Jules Strongbow, Hardy Kruscamp, Sam Muchnick, Gus Karras, ...
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US Title

I'm confused about the NWA US title.......the history here reads that Harley Race is the first champion, yet gives it an asterisk, which would indicate that it was fictitious. Anyone have the exact story on that one?
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NWA Titles

There are numerous NWA promotions nationwide correct? And they all have to have their own championship belts, I was wondering how many championships there are that bare the NWA name? Im guessing the straightup NWA World Heavyweight championship in TNA is their top one im justy wonderinging what are all the other titles nationwide in NWA and do they all have different names?
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Kansas NWA in 42? Splinter Title?

OK. I know about the NWAssociation and NWAlliance World Titles. I'm beginning to learn about the NWA that existed in Iowa with Orville Brown as champ and Pinky George running the show before the NWAlliance was formed as we know it today. However, as I was doing wrestling research at the Topeka library for 1942, I found another NWA Title mentioned!

It sounds like Roy Dunn was champion and lost to Edward Virag in Wichita, ...
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