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Including NWAssociation (formerly NBA), the current version of NWA founded by Pinkie George, and other previous versions of NWAlliance, such as Des Moines and Kansas. Topics on regional territories may be moved to more appopriate board.

NWA/WWF Title Arrangement

Could someone explain - in detail - how the arrangement between WWF and NWA (if there was one) which allowed the WWF to use the NWA World Tag Team and Nth American Heavyweight titles in 1998.

And is it true that NWA World's Champion Dan Severn defended the belt in the WWF in 1998 when he was champ from 95-99. If so, did he have the belt with him and how did it come about. ...
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NWA double standard.

If WCCW, ECW, and the WWF had to rduce their titles to regional titles what I don't understand is how WCW avoided it. If they can have a World title from 1991-1993 whats the point of asking the NWA BOD about reactivating titles?
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Rock'n'Roll X 4th NWA WTTT Date

It's been noted in the title history under Jim Crockett Promotions, Rick Mortan and Robert Gibson beat Manny Fernendez/Rick Rude? to regain a 4th NWA World Tag Team Title. Now the note is that due to knowing Rude was leaving for the WWF they taped title change months before in apparently Spokane, WA.

Can anyone confirm the date of the taping? (not when it aired which was May 1987)
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Flair-Kerry, Yokosuka, Japan, 5/24/84

Does anyone know the name of the arena where this match took place?

Thank you very much in advance.
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RIP - Jim Barnett

Surprised nobody mentioned the death of one of the greatest promoters in the history.

<!--QuoteBegin-"Wrestling Observer"+--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE ("Wrestling Observer")</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin-->Legendary promoter Jim Barnett passes away

""Jim Barnett, one of pro wrestling's all-time most colorful and controversial characters inside of the business, passed away yesterday (Sept. 17th) at the age of 80.

Barnett had been battling cancer, and suffered a broken arm in a fall, necessitating surgery. He never recovered fully from ...
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Confirming Philadelphia location

- Stanislaus Zbyszko 25/04/15 Phidelphia, PA
- Dick Shikat 29/08/23 Phidelphia, PA Defeats Jim Londos
- Jim Londos 30/06/06 Phidelphia, PA
- Dean Detton 36/09/28 Philadelphia, PA
Has also defeated Ed Stranler Lewis in a title tournament final earlier in the year in Philadelphia, PA.
- Jim Londos 38/11/18 Philadelphia, PA

Can anyone possibly confirm the building these title changes took place. I would think most likely the old Philadelphia Arena (46th Market), where ...
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NWA 25th Anniversary

I am trying to find out which team was first awarded the 25th Anniversary NWA Tag Team Titles?

Can anyone help?
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Board-controlled titles in early 1950s

I recenly obtained a copy of the May 1953 issue of "N.W.A. Official Wrestling" magzine. The magazine includes the editorial by president Sam Muchnick. Toots Mondt is listed as the president & treasurer of the magazine while (probably) all the NWA members are listed as the professional consultnants.

The cover has these wrestlers as the holder of the respective world title:
- Lou Thesz, heavyweight
- Danny McShain, junior heavyweight
- Gypsy Joe, light heavyweight ...
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NWA World Light Heavyweight Title?

I was told recently, that the NWA BOD started to reconise the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title when Gypsy Joe won it in 1952. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, the same source told me that the BOD dropped reconition after 1958 when EMLL would not listen to them. Does anyone know if this is true?
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NWA North American Heavyweight Title

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Could somebody tell me whether the Stampede title in particular was definitely a version of the NWA title or was it a completely separate title?

EDIT: Actually, are all the different regional titles listed versions of the NWA title? In other words, did they all have NWA recognition?
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