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Including NWAssociation (formerly NBA), the current version of NWA founded by Pinkie George, and other previous versions of NWAlliance, such as Des Moines and Kansas. Topics on regional territories may be moved to more appopriate board.

The Association still existed in 1975

Looks like the National Wrestling Association still existed in 1975.

From the 1975/12/09 issue of the Morning Herald (Hagerstown, MD):


Jack Adkisson (Fritz von Erich) was the president of the NWAlliance around this time.
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The Records of NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches?

More a request then a question but could someone continue to recored the record of NWA World Heavyweight Championship matches in 2013. there has been some great defenses this year with Rob Conway takeing on big names.
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NWA title controversies over the years wrote:For probably the third or fourth time in the last month, I'm already working on an article for PWInsider when something newsworthy happens that's directly related to the subject I'm writing about. This time, I'm midway through writing an article about controversies surrounding NWA World Title changes when Adam Pearce vacates the title following the end of his best of seven series with Colt Cabana. A week later, Kahagas is crowned the new champion in ...
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World Heavyweight Title is vacant...again

After the last match of the "7 Levels of Hate":

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NWA under new management

The lawsuit filed against the National Wrestling Alliance this past January has been settled, paving the way for changes in the organization.

The ownership and management of the NWA brand will be transferred from the Pro Wrestling Organization LLC managed by Bob Trobich (who pretty much saved the promotion from going into destruction back in 1989 when the last true member of meaning, Jim Crockett Promotions was bought out by TBS, creating World Championship Wrestling) ...
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Last Show of Paul Bowser


I have found on Tim Hornbaker's Website this:

Massasusetts Wrestling History
He wrote:
"In my Bowser biography and on page 279 of my book on the National Wrestling Alliance, I clearly stated that Bowser's final wrestling program occurred on July 15, 1960 at Boston
Garden. I was wrong - completely wrong. Bowser's last wrestling program was actually
three months earlier on March 11. 1960. The July 15 show was promoted by Eddie Quinn, ...
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NWA/TNA titles

Hey there. I have seen that in the past that TNA has recognized all NWA title changes that took place in TNA as it being the same title changes as the same titles that they have now. Meaning that they didnt recognize Christian Cage or Kurt Angle as the first TNA world champion, but Ken Shamrock as the first TNA WORLD CHAMPION. I remember Ken Shamrock was the first NWA world champion in TNA. They ...
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title switches in New Zealand/Singapore

I found this info that Libnan Ayoub, a historian in Australia, sent to another great historian Steve Yohe:
I have been working on a ongoing book project about the various Titles and the belts that the wrestlers wore.

I have found new information regarding the NWA World Title switch in New Zealand and Singapore. Here are the correct details:

March 20, 1984. Wellington, NZ (NOT MARCH 21)
Harley Race def Ric Flair, WON NWA TITLE ...
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1939 World Junior Heavyweight Title

Found out that John Swenski defeated Bob Kenaston on 39/03/27 in Tulsa, OK for the NWA (Association) World Junior Heavyweight Title.

The 39/04/02 issue of The Oklahoman says that Swenski defeated Kenaston "in Tulsa last Monday."

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