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Post-1990 topics should be posted under "Everything else".

NWF (Western NY/Ohio) early 70's

Glad to see that this site lists this promotion.

Does anyone here have access to video tapes of this promotion or am I just grasping at straws?
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Joe Pedicino

I am an old-school fan of wrestling in the Southeastern United States. I would like to know if anyone knows a direct way to contact Joe Pedicino, other than the local 511 line that he used to/still runs in the Atlanta area.
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Kaufman Vs Lawlor

does anyone have the real player or mpg version floating around somewhere online of Jerry Lawlor's classic encounter w/ comedian Andy Kaufman? I know I've seen it before I just don't remember if it was on here or where
Read more : Kaufman Vs Lawlor | Views : 9804 | Replies : 7

an old mid-south tag team

does anybody remember the tag team of wendall cooley and al perez? they beat dr. death and bob sweetan for the tag titles when dibiase was in Japan.
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Hisa;what happened to the Canadian Hvywt Title History for A

....Wrestling NWA promotion out of British Columbia? I was doing some research for a friend of mine from Vancouver,and I noticed Tomko's ASW version of the NWA Canadian Hvywt Title is no longer listed. Was it removed for some reason or is this an error?

Thanks! :D

Read more : Hisa;what happened to the Canadian Hvywt Title History for A | Views : 4326 | Replies : 1

Has Anyone heard of Ricky Star

Has anyone ever heard of a wrestler called ricky star. he was a wrestler in puerto rico a long time ago, i was wondering if anyone knew where to get information about him.
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carribean Tag Team Titles

I am looking for the History to the WWC Carribean tag team titles before 1987. I've looked in Will and Duncan's book and didn't see anything. Anyone no where I can find this info. I'm willing to exchange information in return for help. They were known as the NWA titles before and I think the L&G carribbean tag titles before then.

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additional note for this board

Please limit to the pre-1990s topics only. Post-1990s topics should be posted under "Everything else"
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Title Histories

Does anybody know any good sites for american independant federations title histories, or japanese for that matter, other than this page.
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UWF Heavyweight Title(Herb Abrams)

Do you by any chance cover the lineage of the UWF Heavyweight title from the early nineties?
Read more : UWF Heavyweight Title(Herb Abrams) | Views : 5027 | Replies : 1




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