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Post-1990 topics should be posted under "Everything else".

Hisa;what happened to the Canadian Hvywt Title History for A

....Wrestling NWA promotion out of British Columbia? I was doing some research for a friend of mine from Vancouver,and I noticed Tomko's ASW version of the NWA Canadian Hvywt Title is no longer listed. Was it removed for some reason or is this an error?

Thanks! :D

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Has Anyone heard of Ricky Star

Has anyone ever heard of a wrestler called ricky star. he was a wrestler in puerto rico a long time ago, i was wondering if anyone knew where to get information about him.
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carribean Tag Team Titles

I am looking for the History to the WWC Carribean tag team titles before 1987. I've looked in Will and Duncan's book and didn't see anything. Anyone no where I can find this info. I'm willing to exchange information in return for help. They were known as the NWA titles before and I think the L&G carribbean tag titles before then.

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additional note for this board

Please limit to the pre-1990s topics only. Post-1990s topics should be posted under "Everything else"
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Title Histories

Does anybody know any good sites for american independant federations title histories, or japanese for that matter, other than this page.
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UWF Heavyweight Title(Herb Abrams)

Do you by any chance cover the lineage of the UWF Heavyweight title from the early nineties?
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Colorado Boxing Commission

Does anyone have the Colorado Boxing Commission Wrestling World Heavyweight Title History

Even Single title Changes will help I have some that I've found mentioned on various title histories on this site but not enough to make a lineage

Please help I'm desperate

Thanks for the help:)
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need help concerning th WCW LH title

Hey, my first post and i got a questio
deos anyone know who was the first WCW Light Heavyweight championship and who did he defeat for it?
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CRMW Title Histories

I'm Hoping somebody will be able to help me out I am looking for title histories on Canadian Rocky Mountian Wrestling. I believe it ran in the early to mid 90's in Aloberta Canada. I am very willing to trade info. if someone can help me out.
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Central States Titles

Does anybody no if Shawn Michaels ever held the NWA Central States TV. title or was this another Central States TV. Title that he held.
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