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Post-1990 topics should be posted under "Everything else".

WWC Jr. Title

I just got a set of 106 WWC Puerto Rico dvds. One match is listed as Eric Embry vs. Hurricane Castillo Jr. and that it's a Jr. Title change. According to this site and the Title histories book, Embry only held the belt once and didn't lose it to Castillo. I'm pretty sure the announcer does say Castillo Jr. and he gets a belt afterwards, although it was only a two-count but he won anyway. ...
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Filling in some Southwestern and Rocky Mountain champs

A couple of months ago, I put together results for Albuquerque from 1951-mid 1959. I kept up with champions as they came through the area.

The dates listed by each champ are the dates of the Albuquerque card which mentioned them as champ. For example, Frankie Murdoch was listed in the paper as being Southwestern champ as early as the June 29, 1951 card and as being such as late as August 10, 1951.

Miguel ...
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[results] Abilene, TX 1953/08 - 1955/12

Courtesy of J Michael Kenyon

Abilene TX: August 3, 1953
(Fair Park Arena) ... Dory Funk beat Baron Kurt Von Poppenheim (18:00, cnc) ... Cowboy Carlson beat Cyclone Anaya (2-1, dq) ... Ray (Big Train) Clements beat Billy Weidner (2-0, dq) ... Referee: Tommy Martindale ... Promoter: Benny Wilson ... NOTE: Funk's spinning toe hold put Von Poppenheim's knee out of commission.

Abilene TX: August 10, 1953
(Fair Park Arena) ... Cyclone Anaya beat Baron ...
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(Indianapolis) WWA Title Question

3/12/65 Indianapolis Fairgrounds Coliseum
WWA heavyweight title
Johnny Valentine beat (c) Dick The Bruiser dq when Dick laid out Valentine, refs Johnny Shorn and Wayne Tate before 7 wrestlers and 6 police officers entered the ring to stop the carnage. Valentine was taken to General hospital for Xrays, stitches and treatment for a knot on his head. The WWA title was held up because of Dick's actions.
Wilbur Snyder beat Angelo Poffo 2/3
Nicoli & ...
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CWA (Memphis) World Tag Titles

Keep in mind that this is in reference to the "World" Tag Titles which were used along with the Southern Tag Titles in the Jarrett Memphis promotion in the early 80s, not to be confused with the CWA Tag Titles which were created in 1988 to go along with the new CWA Heavyweight Title, which unified the Southern, MidAmerican, and International Titles.

The history of the CWA "World" Tag titles is only listed as going ...
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Ric Flair's Missouri Heavyweight title win

All of the histories say Race vacated the title, then Flair won it. Who did Flair win it from?
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New England:Tony Santos Big Time Wrestling Title Histories?

Does anybody have any title histories for this promotion?
Wrestling title historie doesn't have much on their title history
I know they had a US Title and World title and Eastern Tag Championship.
I can't find much on the history of the US Title
Frank Scarpa held the championship most of the time but I have read some results Bull Curry,Hans Shmidt and Gypsy Joe Dorsetti at one point also holding the US title.
Any ...
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Columbus, Ft. Myers, & Macon Titles help

I am working on a little project and am looking for title histories for the Macon, Columbus, & Ft. Myers Titles. I saw little bits in wrestling titles hisories and some mentions on wrestling supercards and tournaments. If there is anyone who can help I will be very greatful.

Thank You

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Ricky Romero (1943 - 2006)

Ricky Romero, who was one of the top stars in the Funk family's old Amarillo territory, passed away yesterday (2006/01/15) of diabetes. He was also known as the father of the Youngblood brothers.

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[results] Sikeston, MO 1948-52

Provided by J. Michael Kenyon. Looks like the booking office for this city was the Gulas/Welch group.

Sikeston MO: April 9, 1948
(Armory, att. 500) ... Roy Welch beat Chico Cortez (2-1) ... Steve Stanlee (as Paul Stanlee) beat Bad Boy Brown (2-0) ... NOTE: "Chico, 205-pound Havana matman, took the first fall in 12 minutes with a reverse chin lock. Welch, at 212 pounds, worked a double jackknife after 11 minutes of the second ...
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