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[results] Arizona 1964/01

Posted on KM:

Wednesday, January 8, 1964 - Yuma, AZ - Sportatorium
Killer Pat Patterson & Bulldog Don Kent vs Tito Montez & Frankie Cain (Arizona Champion)
Honest John vs Alvaro Velasco
Plus one other match

Saturday, January 11, 1964 - Phoenix, AZ
Lorenzo Parente W Ivan Zukoff

Tuesday, January 14, 1964 - Tucson, AZ - Sports Center
Western States Tag Team Champions Tito Montez & Omar Atlas beat Killer Pat Patterson & Bulldog Don ...
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[results] S. California & Nevada 1964/01

Posted on KM:

Wednesday, January 1, 1964 - Los Angeles (3,527)
The Mummy D Fritz von Goering
Ed Carpentier W Art Mahalik
Art Neilson W Don Savage
Oki Kintaro & Mr. Moto D Nikita Mulkovitch & Clyde Steeves
Roberto Duranton D Pepper Martin

Thursday, January 2, 1964 - Bakersfield, CA - Strelich Stadium
Pepper Martin beat Art Mahalik
Mummy over Ted Christy
Art & Stan Neilson drew Mr. Moto & Kintaro Oki
Ed Carpentier over ...
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Rick Rude's CWA Southern Title Win

how come you dont note the fact that Rick Rude beat Lawler for the southern belt?
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WCCW Light Heavyweight

could someone put up the history of the WCCW light heavyweight title please
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IWA(Einhorn) Title Histories

So I have been doing a lot of research on the IWA. I think I have pretty much all the footage that exists of theirs and have been able to at least give a little more detail to their title histories if you'd want to update or add to the ones you already have in your section:

Einhorn, I am still not sure what his role was, he might of just been the money mark ...
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Midwest: world tag team title change from 2007/09

Here's a new find by Tim Hornbaker, the author of the great "National Wrestling Alliance: The Untold Story of the Monopoly that Strangled Pro Wrestling" book:

New Midwest "World" Tag Team Title Change - 9/28/07

For years, researchers have been trying to find a singular lineage for the Midwestern version of the World Tag Team Title. These wrestlers appeared in cities from Hamilton, Ontario, through the Midwest in places such as Indianapolis and Chicago and ...
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[results] Fargo, ND 1938/11 - 1940/12

Courtesy of J Michael Kenyon

Fargo ND: November 15, 1938 (Tuesday)
(Auditorium) … Hans Schultz (218, of Germany) beat Henry Graber (215, of St. Louis MO) (26:05) … Jack Hader beat Doc MacKenzie (210, of San Diego CA) (25:30) … Caifson Johnson (180, of Minneapolis MN) beat Gabe Zeller (190, of Seattle WA) (22:45) … Referee: Spud Murphy … Promoter: George Sauer … NOTE: Despite a small, albeit enthusiastic crowd, Sauer promised another show for ...
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WWC Jr. Title

I just got a set of 106 WWC Puerto Rico dvds. One match is listed as Eric Embry vs. Hurricane Castillo Jr. and that it's a Jr. Title change. According to this site and the Title histories book, Embry only held the belt once and didn't lose it to Castillo. I'm pretty sure the announcer does say Castillo Jr. and he gets a belt afterwards, although it was only a two-count but he won anyway. ...
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Filling in some Southwestern and Rocky Mountain champs

A couple of months ago, I put together results for Albuquerque from 1951-mid 1959. I kept up with champions as they came through the area.

The dates listed by each champ are the dates of the Albuquerque card which mentioned them as champ. For example, Frankie Murdoch was listed in the paper as being Southwestern champ as early as the June 29, 1951 card and as being such as late as August 10, 1951.

Miguel ...
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[results] Abilene, TX 1953/08 - 1955/12

Courtesy of J Michael Kenyon

Abilene TX: August 3, 1953
(Fair Park Arena) ... Dory Funk beat Baron Kurt Von Poppenheim (18:00, cnc) ... Cowboy Carlson beat Cyclone Anaya (2-1, dq) ... Ray (Big Train) Clements beat Billy Weidner (2-0, dq) ... Referee: Tommy Martindale ... Promoter: Benny Wilson ... NOTE: Funk's spinning toe hold put Von Poppenheim's knee out of commission.

Abilene TX: August 10, 1953
(Fair Park Arena) ... Cyclone Anaya beat Baron ...
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