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Possible updates to titles in World Class..

let me try again, my last post got lost.

Starting in 1978 For the Texas Heavyweight Title, I'm not sure if Gino and David had any title switches in October, the only listing I have is 10/16/78 in Fort Worth, but David beats Gino based on my results. The only November matches I have is on 11/5 in Dallas, and 11/27 in Fort Worth, but do not have a result, just listing.

However, on 12/17/78 ...
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possible updates to Hawaii titles..

According to my listings, Rick Martel won the North American title on 3/8/78 in Honolulu. On 3/5 he wrestled in a six-man tag match with Bill and Ed Francis against Tor Kamata, Rocky Tomayo and Steve Strong.

For the Pacific International Title, I have the Tor Kamata title switch on 1/10/79 in Pearl Harbor at the Bloch Arena. On 2/27/79, I have Kamata wrestling Ripper Collins.

For the Hawaiian Title, Buddy Rose defeated George Wells ...
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possible updates to a few of the Southwest titles..

Was watching a youtube video of Southwest Championship Wrestling that's dated August 25, 1984, but I think the date is really August 27th, as their tapings were on Monday's. This show had highlights of the big Harlindale Stadium show which was on August 25. In any event, the show started off by introducing the new USA Junior Champion Chicky Starr. Steve Stacks said Chicky won the belt "last night". In my results listings, on 8/26/84 ...
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Possible updates to World Class TV Title..

Was going through some of my listings/results from 1982, and may have some updates to the lineage.

Since the title was only defended on Fort Worth shows and they ran on Monday's, I think the Spoiler's win came on 6/7/82. 6/12/82 was a Saturday, and most of the crew was in Waco, TX

On 6/14/82, in Fort Worth, I have Bill Irwin defeating The Spoiler for the TV Title, however, other listings have the Spoiler ...
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Pacific Coast Title (Vancouver)

Was looking through Vance Nevada's listings from Vancouver in 1979, and came across a possible update to the title history. It has Sal Martino winning the title on 3/29/79, but he was in a tag match that night in Victoria, BC. On 3/30/79, in Vernon, BC, Sal Martino is scheduled to wrestle Gene Kiniski. This may be where the switch occurs, but no results are given.
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Alabama and Continental Title possible update?

Benjamin Straughn has posted a lot of Southeastern Championship Wrestling shows on youtube recently, and finally caught one of the shows. During the 9/15/84 show, it was announced that Porkchop Cash won the Alabama Title from Boris Zhukov in Pensacola, FL. I haven't watched the 9/8/84 show yet, but if Zhukov was still champ then, my assumption, if Pensacola was still run on Sunday's, then 9/9/84 may be the date of the title change.

Also, ...
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Memphis TV Title

I've been watching the Memphis Wrestling episodes from 1981 on youtube that were put up by Wesley Corman. It appears that it's from a Louisville, KY station, so, it may be a week behind the original air date in Memphis? Anyhow, the TV Title looks to have changed hands on the 2/28/81 episode (probably 2/21/81 if it's a week behind). On that episode, Dutch Mantel defeated Koko Ware for the championship. I think on this ...
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Texas Six-Man TTC: (Texas All-Star Wrestling)

Just finished watching some Texas All-Star Wrestling on Daily Motion, and the finals of the Texas Six-Man Tag Team Championship (that's what Steve Stack referred to it as) took place on January 12, 1986 in San Antonio, TX. It was said to be a 7 team tournament, with the finals having Elijah Akeem, Kareem Muhammed and Kamala defeating Big Bubba, One Man Gang and Mark Youngblood.
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Negro Titles

During the segregation era, there were many negro/colored titles in the US. Here are some of those which are not listed on

United States Negro Heavyweight Title
Luther Lindsay 1966/04/19<
* Billed as champion in North Carolina and Virginia; still/again champion as of 70/09/12 and 71/10/29.

United States/American Negro Women's Title
Marva Scott 1968/05/18<
* Also billed as World Title; still/again recognized as of 70/02/10.

Negro Junior Heavyweight Title
Buddy Jackson 1947/10/09<
* Billed ...
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Texas All-Star USA junior heavyweight title 85-86


Was wondering if someone has the title lineage for the USA Jr Title, that was held by Ric McCord, Dale Veasey, and Al Gavigan, during the summer of 85 into 1986.

I no longer have my wrestling title history book, and can't remember the dates of the title changes.

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