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Pre-1990 topics only.

Burning Question abotu title history

I have a question that has been burning inside my head a while...

After Brian Pillman's untimely death, a writer for TV guide attacked the WWF. To respond to that, the WWF used the world's biggest loudspeaker, Jim Cornette, to respond. In his beautifully mastered tirade Cornette started tracing back the title history of wrestling and made a startling link to Abraham Lincoln. Can anyone verify this or point me in a direction to verify ...
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Times of Title matches

I was wondering if anyone could help me (direct me to a good website maybe). I am trying to track down the times of match where the title changed. I know this will be verey hard to do for older title changes, but it seems that people don't even bother to list the times of matches on modern PPVs anymore.

I know the time of the match still means something in Japan and I figured ...
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Bobby Managoff (1916 - 2002)

Former National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight champion Bobby Managoff passed away on April 3rd. He was the world champ during the WWII when many wrestlers were not available.

Lou Thesz's famous 936 consecutive win record started on the day after he lost to Managoff in Buffalo on 1948/06/11.

Managoff was indeed the living history of pro-wrestling.

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Favorite/Least Favorite Belt Designs/Beltmarks

For being such an integral part of wrestling history, wrestling's championship belts often do not get "much play" (except for a couple of cool places on the 'net, like Yahoo! Groups, NWA Midwest, and here). Just wondering, what's everyone's favorite belt design(s) (past or present)?
My all-time absolute favorite is the WWF Intercontinental Title from 1985-1998 (the version Reggie Parks created, with the globe in the middle and the the "layered off" effect on the ...
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NWA/WWF Title Links

Hello everybody, I've been visting this site (which is one of the best wrestling sites on the web, in my opinion) for about a year and a half and just joined the forums. I just thought I'd like to jump into the discussion with a pretty cool idea.
As a die-hard WWF fan, I tend to take a lot of flak (and a good deal of it is rightfully deserved with some of the dumb ...
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DVDs I would like to see

I really wish they would put out DVDs with the title histories of each title. They could include high lights from all the title changes they have on film.
The WWF could do this with their HW, Tag Team and IC titles.
They could also do this for the WCW HW, US and Tag Team titles.
(these would probally include the NWA titles)

I would love to see this done for the NWA HW and ...
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How many titles is too many?

This is really a matter of opinion, but I'd like tohear some opinions.
I always felt 2 single and 1 tag title was the best number of titles in a federation.

Right now the WWF has FAR too many titles to mean a thing. The Eurotrash title is pointless, maybe if they only defended it in Europe I could see the point in that title.
I like the idea of the 24/7 hardcore title. The ...
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Title Changes That Didn't Happen


I am looking for title changes that were overturned or ignored.

for example

1] Hulk Hogan won the AWA World Heavyweight Title from Nick Bockwinkle and the decision was overturned because he threw Bockwinkle over the top rope during the match.

2] Chris Jericho wins the WWF World Heavyweight Title from Triple H but Triple H complains about a fast count and forces referee Earl Hebner to return the title to him.

3] Chris ...
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This is NOT a thread starter. Rather, this is the answer to a FAQ. WCW World heavyweight title and NWA world heavyweight title are NOT the same title. Unfortunately, both WCW and WWF have been confusing the fans that those were actually same title. I copied this from this thread on another message board and made some corrections. Please use this for your reference.

1] The National Wrestling Alliance is formed in 1948. It ...
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Purpose of this board

Please limit the topics on this board to the championship histories of pro-wrestling.

Thank you.
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