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Pre-1990 topics only.

Edouard carpentier

i only want to know if you know this great wrestler and wath you think about him.
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World Title thoughts (Bloody long!)

Many posters have made good points in relation to the below previous discussion on World Title status, but I just thought I'd through in my 2 cents about what is out there that may be called a World Heavyweight Title. For this I'll examine the WWE, WCW, NWA, ECW, AWA, IWGP, and the Triple Crown.

First, the defunct ones

AWA - I'll admit my knowledge of how the AWA title claimed world championship status is ...
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World Title Lineage

After Eric Bichoff intorduced Raw's "World Heavyweight Title", I took up the task of attempting to trace the lineage of the title, actual and fictional. I looked through the title histories on this site and others to see if I can come up with something that resembles a true lineage of the title since the 18th century, through to modern times. I came up with an extensive written article, and a rough diagram, (<a href='' ...
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posting polls

There have been many polls on "best champs" recently. Those polls usually have not much to do with championship lineages but rather about the wrestlers. Besides, most of those polls don't even include the significant champs from the pre-Hulkamania era. I moved those polls to "Everything else" for now, but please also remember that polls are not allowed in "Everything else".

This means that there wouldn't be many polls that would fit this "Pro-Wrestling Title ...
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a thread from 10 years ago

Found something interesting.

This is the first encouter between wrestling historian Gary Will and myself on USENET's

Click <a href='*' target='_blank'>here</a>.
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Most Important title today

Two ways to look at this question, which you think is either the top title in wrestling today or which is your personal prefernce
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"Unified" belts for secondary titles- i dont agree

This debate has popped up from time to time, so I figured I'll just see what everyone here thinks. When it comes to maybe two World titles being unified, then yes, I
say either carry both belts out or create a new belt representing the
Unified championship. However, when it comes to the unification of
secondary titles, I agree with the current practice in North American
wrestling: the lesser title gets "absorbed" into the more ...
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Attention Collectors


World-Class physique photographer, Tony Lanza's personal photo collection of some of the world's greatest olde-time wrestling stars. Enjoy the Gallery or purchase a set of high-quality photos printed on double-density, fiberbase paper with Pearl finish. Stay tuned as more photos are on their way!
Visit <a href='' target='_blank'></a> and check out the Photo Gallery section.
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Need Title Histories !

Does anyone know where I can find title histories for wrestlers. Like, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and many others ?

Please email me links.


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Dunacn & Will Title History

Get this book! It is the greatest book on the subject I have ever seen.
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