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Super Ninja

I was watching some old AWA tapes and saw a 6 man with Super Ninja. His style looks really familiar but I can't place it. He was tagging with Saito and Larry Z if it's any help. Anyone know who Super Ninja was?
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Wahoo McDaniel dead at 63

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel, former football star from the University of Oklahoma and a huge star on NWA Mid-Atlantic and other territories, has died at the age of 63.

Aside from his best exploits on the future WCW (winning the US title 5 times, tying up the record with Ric Flair until Flair won a 6th title in 1996) and the World tag team title once with Rufus R. Jones and twice with Mark Youngblood, he ...
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Hiro Matsuda

Just trying to find some information about him. Like when did he wrestle and what his style was like. What titles did he hold and did he have any good rivals with anybody? What promotions did he wrestle for? Also is there any good sites where I can find pics of him?
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Giant Baba

Has anyone seen any of Giant Baba's old matches? Everywhere I turn peopel tell me he was one of the greatest workers of all time but I've only seen some of his later comedy matches. Does anyone know a good place to look to see some of what Baba was in his prime?
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Bruiser Brody

Can anyone tell me what was the reason for his death? Recently, I heard that he was murdered. I always thought that he committed suicide.
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Bill Robinson

I'm hoping Hisa or someone else on this forum can enlighten me on Bill Robinson, I know he use to or still does train the UWF snakepit, but I'd just like to know his background as a pro-wrestler, his accomplishments and any other cool tidbits about him. thanks ahead of time.
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Masa Saito

I am having a hard time trying to find information about Masa Saito.....can anyone help?
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Origional I.W.G.P.

I know Hogan won the first IWGP Tournament but I dunno who else was in it and how they were chosen to compete, also when and why did the IWGP Change from an annual tournament to a Championship Title?
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PWF tag title tourney April 1984

There was a 4 team tournament held in April of 1984 to crown new World Tag Team champions. The teams were Brody + Hansen, Dory Jr + Baba, Tsuruta and Tenyru and Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell I've been able to find the final points standings of the tournament but have not been able to find complete results of all the matches in the tournament. Does anyone have results of all the matches held in ...
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Kouji Kitao's choice words

After a match against John Tenta, Kouji Kitao has an inappropriate comment using a mic and is fired by SWS immediately."

What was said by Kouji Kitao that was so bad that got him immediately fired?
Read more : Kouji Kitao's choice words | Views : 1151 | Replies : 1




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