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Questions (fairly obscure)

Can you give me career details on some of these people?


Shinji Sasazaki
Kanji Kitazawa
Kazuharu Sonoda
Shoji Kai
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1. Can anybody tell me how good the Inoki vs Hogan match was back in '83 for the first ever IWGP Title?

2. Can somebody give me some info on the Maeda/Andre Shoot? Like when did it happen? Who won the match?
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Inoki vs. Matsuda

Can anybody tell me how good this match was? I can't remember when it took place. Who won the match and how did it end?
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3/26/1986 UWF vs NJPW

I saw a video clip of a 5 on 5 match between NJPW and UWF. It looked to be strictly heavyweights only with NJPW's top heavies taking on the UWF's. Yamazaki is in it, he looks very young - long red tights, short hair, no goatee. I think the date on which it took place was 3/26/1986. Has anyone seen this match? If so, was it good, great, incredible, awful, terrible?

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tag team name

i know that Doc and Gordy formed one of the greatest tag teams in the world. I know they had a name but I can't remember it. Can someone tell me what it is and why they were called that?

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Japan Pro (Nihon Puroresu) Question

In 1984 (I think) Riki Choshu left New Japan and took his Ishigun with him, forming a new promotion called Japan Pro Wrestlig, which later had a relationship with All Japan.

Does anybody have or know the location of its logo online?

Even if it's a scaned image from a book, I'd really be interested i having it: my e-mail is \\

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Question about Inoki

This is somewhat off topic, but it does deal with Inoki :rolleyes:

Anyways, I know that Inoki was in Bad News Bears 3. Acting as himself and losing to a bunch of bratty kids, so I've been wondering, why the hell did Inoki do this crap? Just to get over in North America? Was a fan of the series? Or did he just do it for ...
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Inoki Vs Andre

I read that one of a few of Andre's legit losses(before the WWF ruined him by having him lose to the Ultimate Warrior every other week) came by the hands of Antonio Inoki when he made The Giant submit. When did this match take place and what did Inoki use to make the big man Quit?
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Did Andre The Giant have any good matches in Japan while he was over there. What where some of his most memorible matches? Was his match with Inoki any good and when did it happen? Which years did he wrestle over there?

Can you also give me some info about Umanosuke Ueda and it's basically the some question with Andre The Giant. What kind of accident was he in?
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RIP Mr. Thesz

I was truly saddened to hear of Lou passing away. To me his matches against Rikidozan did two things. They helped cement puro as being a viable form of wrestling in Japan and helped Riki acheive his legendary status. Every gaijin in Japan owes this man a debt as he paved the way for foreigners to be embarced and respected in Japan.:(
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