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Greatest Gaijins of All-Time?

Gaijins have always played a predominant role in the Japanese Wrestling Scene. Hogan helped create his legend there, Stan Hansen became a mega star, and Lou Thesz helped Riki build the Puro World with their legendary matches. Other huge foreign names that really impacted Japanese Pro Wrestling are Abdullah the Butcher, Frank Gotch, Billy Robinson, Vader, Bruiser Brody, Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, Andre the Giant, Tiger Jeet Singh and the Funks to name a few. ...
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Rikidozan vs. Bobo Brazil

Just saw this match on tape, I'm guessing it's from around '55. Basically breaks down into Chop Vs. Headbutt (and is MUCH more interesting than that sounds). Anyway I really don't understand what happens. The doctor checks Riki for blood several times. Bobo APPEARS to just leave the ring at the ends of what either are or aren't the first and second falls. I don't see any decision announced. Hisa, any clue?

So long from ...
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Hisashi Shinma help

I am trying to find out more about this influential figure of Puroresu. Shinma worked as a figure head WWF President during the 70s/80s, booked NJ and the Tiger Mask gimmick, helped create original UWF, left for All Japan?, and back again in NJ. I was wondering more about his early 80s WWF Pres. role, and more importantly the circumstance revolving around his departure from NJ, booking complaints?, and position in UWF, then leaving it ...
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Andre V Maeda

This match took place sometime during 1986. I beleive a WWF/NJPW joint show or atleast that is what the downloaded file said. Anyways, Maeda for the last 15 min. or so of the match stayed away from andre. Towards the end ANdre startedto get pretty mad. Inoki came out and everyone involved started arqeing. From what I get out of it Andre got mad becasue all Maeda would do is kick him in the leg ...
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showa pics

Does anybody know a good site for pictures of the showa era.
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Tiger Chung Lee

I was watching an old MSG show from 83 and Tiger was on it. I know I've seen him wrestling in Japan on old tapes but the VQ on the MSG show isn't great and I can't place it. Does anyone know if he wrestled as something else in Japan?
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Akira Maeda cheststomach injury?

I was watching Akira Maeda's big grudge match with Super Strong Machine(Junji Hirata) from 8/20/87, and I noticed Maeda had a scar on his chest, just above his stomach but below his breast. It wasn't very long, but it was obviously deep and had required stitches. It didn't look like an in-ring injury, I've never seen a guy get cut on his chest like that(unless it was a possible boot to the mid section gone ...
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New Japan v.s. UWF 5-on-5 bout

I was looking at the New Japan v.s. UWF tape on <a href='' target='_blank'></a> that had the 5-vs-5 match from 186 between the two promotions. The match looks pretty impressive and I was wondering if anyone who had seen it could offer their opinion on it (ie, is it worth buying, disapointing, a classic?).

Here's the exact line-up:

Antonio Inoki/Tatsumi Fujinami/Kengo Kimura/Umanosuke Ueda/Kantaro Hoshina -vs- Akira Maeda/ Osamu Kido/Yoshiaki Fujiwara/Nobuhiko Takada/Kazuo Yamazaki

Thanks in advance ...
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Can anybody give me some information about him. Just looking for titles he held, did he have any sports background, famous matches, when he retire, and so on. Thanks for the info when I get it.
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Best fueds of Showa period in AJ & NJ

what were the best/Top fueds of the Showa period
My fave was the Funks vs Baba/Tsuruta what are some others??
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