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Lou Thesz's TWWA World Heavyweight Title

Does anyone know anthing about Lou Thesz's TWWA World Heavyweight Title? He held it in 68 according to <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
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Results from 1989?

I'm new to this board and was wondering if anyone has results from 1989 for either New Japan or All-Japan? If not would anyone know where to look? Thank you
Read more : Results from 1989? | Views : 3163 | Replies : 3

Most Famous Feud?

What was the most famous rivalry or feud to come out of Japan in the Showa era?
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Bruiser Brody in Japan!

Looking for some help. I have tons of Brody results. But I am missing many from his tours of Japan. As I have records of every tour that he has been on but have gaps in the dates of who,when, and where he wrestled! I would really apperciate the help!

Also if anyone can help with some of the dates he worked in Australia too. I know in Japan they have kept some good records ...
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Best wrestler of the showa era?

In terms of charisma, talent, and attitude.
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Middleweights in the UK

First off, my knowledge of any inter-promotional ties related to this post are somewhat limited. Looking into the careers of Satoru Sayama and Keiichi Yamada in particular, I noticed that they both passed through the doors of the UK's All Star Promotions in the 70s and 80s respectively, working alongside Dynamite Kid and Marc Rocco (Black Tiger), among others.

I can't help but wonder why they never returned to wrestle in the UK, in what ...
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When did Jumbo Tsuruta become the top star in All Japan?

I'd like to hear your opinion on when Jumbo Tsuruta became the top star in All Japan. I'm not talking about when he became the top worker, as he was arguably the best worker since his All Japan debut in October 1973. At least, he was always a better worker than Giant Baba. But when did Tsuruta become the top star in All Japan? That's what I'd like to find out.
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Best Showa era Promotions

What were some of the best promotions in Japan during the Showa era? And when were they at their absolute best?
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Tsuruta/Race match from 1982.

I just finished watching this match from early 1982 and I had a couple questions, thers was a belt on the line but I do not know which one and I would like to know the official ending because it is unclear on the tape and I don't understand Japanese. Also does anybody know the consequences if any because of the after match brawl. Also BTW, Lou Thesz is the guest referee.

Any Help would ...
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New Japan/WWF split

Why did it happen? All I know that it happened in 1985.
Read more : New Japan/WWF split | Views : 3130 | Replies : 4




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