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New Japan / UWFi Fighters from USSR?

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New Japan / UWFi Fighters from USSR?

Postby KANe Rock » 2005/06/10 Fri 6:54 pm

I'm interesting about 8 fighters from 1980s, who supposedly come from Soviet Union: Victor Zangiev, Salman Hashimikov, Chimur Zarasov, Vladimir Berkovich, Andrei Sulsaev, Habiel Victachev, Wahka Eveloev. I tried a search on the web, but find nothing except their PPV/Supercard matches and titles, nothing concrete about them. [bad word], Hashimikov was IWGP World Champion, so he should be famous. Can anyone provide some info about this guys? They were legitimate Russians? At least they used more specific names and surnames than "Russians" from the US Wrestling (Volkoff, Zhukov, Ustinov, etc.)
P.S. Sorry, maybe this one question is not correct on this forum, but what happened with Kayfabe Memories Website?
KANe Rock
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2005/06/11 Sat 9:24 am

Hashimikov won the amateur wrestling world championship (100kg limit division) in 79, 81, 82, and 83.

Zangiev, who I think was better suited for pro-wrestling than Hashimikov was, won the amateur wrestling world junior championship in 81, World Cup in 85, and Soviet Cup in 88.

[source: Weekly Gong]

I couldn't find info on other wrestlers, but all those guys are really from Soviet Union and had significant achievement in amateur wrestling.

Not sure what happened to KM, either.
Hisaharu Tanabe
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Postby KANe Rock » 2005/06/18 Sat 2:41 am

Thanks, Hisa. You give me the direction for search.
Except 4 World Freestyle Wrestling Championships as Seniors, Salman also was 2 World Freestyle Championships in 1971 and 1973 as Espoirs, European Freestyle Wrestling Champion in 1970 as Espoirs and in 1979 and 1981 as Seniors, Universiade Wrestling Championship in 1977, and World Cup in 1982.
Waha Evloev won 1984 European Freestyle Wrestling Championship.
Victor Zangiev won World Espoirs Freestyle Wrestling Championship in 1981, and European Espoirs Freestyle Wrestling Championship in 1982. (So, Zangiev should be younger Hashimikov about 10 years.) I havn't info about Soviet Cups and 1985 World Freestyle Cup either.
Both FILA Wrestling Database and database are not contains the names of Berkovitch, Victachev, Sulsaev and Zarasov. May be they are minor wrestlers or even sambists, judoists, kickboxers, etc. Shota Chocoshvilli, another Soviet wrestler, who also competiting in New Japan, was Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo and was well-known judoist. So, I don't think that all of them have amateur wrestling roots.
KANe Rock
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Postby Black_Flag_Of_Ulster » 2005/06/19 Sun 1:24 am

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Postby KANe Rock » 2005/06/22 Wed 10:09 am

KANe Rock
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