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Question about the AWA title and its world title status

The Minneapolis-based promotion headed by Verne Gagne.

Question about the AWA title and its world title status

Postby Kiseki » 2006/06/19 Mon 6:58 pm

Everywhere on the 'net I read that the AWA heavyweight title regained world title status in 2005 when Z1 joined the AWA. Is this also recognized by Pro Wrestling Illustrated and did PWI confirm this in one of its magazines and/or website?

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Postby Dan Poutsma » 2006/07/08 Sat 12:19 pm

I recently skimmed through the latest edition of PWI and they were recognizing a RAW World title, Smackdown World title, and NWA World title. I'm not sure what their stance is on the AWA championship, but I doubt they're recognizing it as a world title since I don't even recall seeing the AWA in the rankings section.
Dan Poutsma
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Postby Heretic » 2006/11/23 Thu 9:44 pm

PWI does not recognize the current version of the AWA title. That little nugget of "fact" was something someone posted anonymously in wikipedia (I think in the "world heavyweight title" article), and then once something is in wikipedia, it sort of pops up everywhere....
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