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Frontier Wrestling Alliance Flyweight Title ( 1999/07 - 2007/03 )
X Wrestling Alliance British Flyweight Title ( 2007/04 - 2012/08 )

Ross Jordan05/06/30Morecambe
Defeats Spud in an 8-man tournament final to become the first champion.
Defeats Jordan and Stevie Lynn in a 3-way match.
Ross Jordan [2]06/12/10Colchester
FWA is inactive after 07/03/25; recognized by XWA afterwards.
El Ligero 07/11/24 Morecambe
Spud 08/07/05 Morecambe
Vacant in 09 due to injury.
El Ligero [2] 10/01/30 Morecambe
Wins a 4-way match against Marty Scurll, C.J. Banks, and Tiger Bailey.
R.J. Singh 10/04/03 Morecambe
El Ligero [3] 10/07/17 Morecambe
Jynkz 12/02/04 Morecambe
XWA closes in 12/08.

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